Closing in on the "Unofficial Start of Summer" in the MMP

Next weekend is Memorial Day weekend in the US, marking, for most places, the end of the school year and the start of summer vacation months. Funny how that’s pretty meaningless when you or your kids are no longer in school.

For me, it’s come to mean that traffic in certain areas on certain days (like after work on Fridays) will be particularly horrific. Does this time of year hold any significance for you?

Happy Moanday!!

Here school dosent end until June 7th used to be June 15th and it’s the first BBQ we have usually

First! It’s good to be juvenile! :smiley:

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up, caffeinated, brekkied, and purtified so no YAWN ‘Tis <snerk> 69! <snerk> Amurrkin out and cloudy with a predicted high of 82 with rain/tstorms/apocalypse predicted for the day. We shall see. I am up and at ‘em cause I need to leave shortly to go see the vampires and the doc this mornin’. Appt is at eight, which I like cause I like to get this stuff over with early as possible. After that, I shall go to the sto’ and then come home to spiff da cave. Excitatement abounds!

Happy Moanday Y’all!

ETA: Dang! Got Ninjaed!

School here doesn’t end until mid July, though universities finish up sooner. Technically speaking my semester doesn’t end until mid June, but Wednesday’s exam is the last actual thing on the timetable.

I’m suspecting the actual summer holidays are going to be a bit of a nightmare here; it’s one of the most touristy areas of the country, and the roads are small and badly laid out. They were designed for hosses and carts, or herds of cows, not tourists with camper vans.

Getting through some of the pretty local towns on a sunny August day, especially at the weekend, is apparently a bit like one of these puzzles. You have to wait until the space comes round to you. On the plus side, I should be able to get some extra work if I want it, and there is plenty of stuff going on round here in summer, unlike in winter, when half the county shuts down. Maybe I’ll take up surfin’, that’s huge round here.

It’s really black here - 2 black pugs and 2 almost completely black cats (sisters, no less) - all 4 of them were running around this morning. It was kinda surreal!

It’s a nice, cool morning and I’ve opened the house. As soon as SIL gets up (we all didn’t get to bed till nearly midnight) we’ll attack the unloading. I hope we can get most of the truck emptied pretty quickly. Till we do, my car stays out on the driveway. Dammit. :stuck_out_tongue:

Morning all. Had nightmare about being chased by dinosaurs (must have seen one too many commercials for the new Jurassic Park movie) and woke up at 3am with my heart pounding, and never did get fully back to sleep. So wrote to two more remodelers to schedule appointments and planned on day (upon reflection, nothing much to plan). Got rained on Sunday night, so no need to set the sprinklers. Chance of rain next few days.

Nut, having been to England (I believe that is your location), I can understand; US folks in their big trucks and SUVs would go made navigating the small towns there.

FCGM, glad everyone made it home and are still speaking to each other (??). That was a long trip.

swampy, hope the checkup goes well, being you’re at an age near me, it’ll probably include one of those 'bend over, please" sessions, too…

Memorial Day when I was a kid used to mean a parade and visiting family members at the cemetary. All my relations are buried 600 miles away now and the parades here are too much bother what with traffic and all, so guess I don’t follow it much. To me spring starts with the first lawn-mowing and summer when it’s dry enough (it’s already in the 90’s) that I have to water the lawn weekly. School here ends on the 24th, so it will help getting to the store, since schools are on my route there.

I got vampired and saw the PA instead of the doc which is OK by me cause I like her a lot. She’s a hoot. Anywho, everything looks good so there’s that. Also made a visit to the KK since it was kinda sorta not too far from where I was. My other next door neighbors are havin’ some trees taken down in their front yahd so there’s excitatement in da hood today! I should get busy defilthyfyin’ da cave but not motivated right now.

We Canadians have a holiday today, which is called our official start of summer, in spite of the fact that it’s colder in Canada than in the US. And yet our summer starts earlier? Bah, I say it’s still spring here. Spring is nice though.

Happy Moonday!

It is a beautiful N.O.S. cool morning, the windows are open and the breeze is blowing.
We’re waiting for 10 am to go out and mow the front jungle. It’s not supposed to get too hot today and hopefully the rain will hold off until after the yard irk is done.

I took the morning off from irk since I had to go get stabbed this morning.

FCM one dog and one cat drive me crazy, good luck with the menagerie.

Last week Monday, my kids went to school in shorts. Today, they’re back to wearing long pants and jackets. Wisconsin weather… bah.

Got a haircut this weekend. I went from hair about 4-5" past my shoulders to chin length and layered. My neck feels naked.

Memorial Day for me is a paid holiday so I will take it.

Blurf Came to irk for that Key Control meeting and did well with it. There was no problem using the old forms. Glad to have that over for another year.

I have decided to stay until noon and cut out early. At least I can cook a nice meal this afternoon. The weather is still very dreary with off and on showers and it will be this way all the way through the weekend.


Apparently Higgs and Aly like to chase each other around, so that’s good. Ziva is still hiding under the bed, as is Cleo. Sheesh, cats.

We just dropped off my car for an oil change. Shortly, I’ll run to Food Lion for some groceries. **FCD **has a meeting this afternoon, so I need to go and get back before then. But for now, I’m waiting for some rag-towels to finish washing. While we were gone, there was a bit of water intrusion in the basement and my Baby Engineer used a bunch of old towels to sop it up. (He called and I told him to use them…) First load is done and on the lines. As soon as I hang out the second load, I can go grocerying.

Life is so exciting here…

It’s significant because my birthday is May 31, and as a kid, Memorial Day was May 30 (not this stupid Monday before the day). I assumed the holiday was in honor of me. This birthday will be spent on an aeroplane to Edinburgh Scotland. Not bad.

It’s pouring buckets today.

Arrrrgh! I have a dual kickstand case for my phone (so you can stand it up in either portrait or landscape mode); the kickstand piece broke. There are over 100 different listings on ebay for new dual kickstand cases for my phone; not one of them is a solid colored one. I can get a wolf or a snarling tiger or a skull or pot leaf or a 'Murican flag or any of a lot of other designs, including multiple colors of camo (that should be good when one accidentally drops it face down outside. :rolleyes:) But not a plain, basic, solid color. :mad:

I don’t like certain aspects of the UI (very poor design for the “phone” portion of the device), & there are some other issues with this phone; this may just be enough to put me over the edge to get a new one. :mad:

Hmmm, iffn I get the snarling tiger, when I lose my phone if I say, “Here, kitty, kitty, kitty” will it magically appear again? :confused: :wink:

I am not a fan of phone cases. Yeah, they protect the phone, yada yada. But they make the phone so durn bulky and my lady pockets just don’t like that.

I have a stand on my desk that I put my phone on. Gets that same effect without the bulk or tigers in my pockets.

Groceries have been procured, but I forgot to stop at CVS, dammit.

Having a sammich before building a meatloaf for tomorrow. Tonight’s supper will be rotissed chickie. I need to put the rub on the chickie, too, so it’ll be well flavored. We will have a real meal for supper tonight.

I missed the callback from the vet’s office because I forgot to take my phone with me. I can’t brain today…

So much for dinner plans. Daughter and SIL are going to his mom’s this afternoon and will likely stay for supper. If not, I told them they’re on their own. So we’ll rotiss chickie tomorrow, meatloaf on Weds, and I now need to figure out what **FCD **and I will have tonight. Maybe salmon.

I fed Roxy and she’s snoozing in her swing. I’ve made space in the pantry for her formula (she’s both breast and bottle-fed due to her mighty appetite. :smiley: ) I cleared some space in the linen closet and I need to remove a few items from the bathroom. I have no idea where everything will fit.

They know that you must sleep sometime. :dubious:

Neither one wants to be out in the greater house with the other critters.

This area has narrow roads by English standards as well; half of them are single lane with stone walls (cunningly covered with earth, disguised with grass and, currently, remarkably pretty wildflowers so the tourists happily knock into them). There’s passing places, but, well… take this road. Tiny back road, maybe to a farm? Nope, there’s a garden centre up it with parking for over a hundred cars and multiple coaches.

Also this area is apparently bad for loose stones, just got my windscreen cracked. First time that’s happened to me. Bah.