It's the MOST Wonderfuuul time of the yeeeeeaar!

That’s right, baseball playoff time. Doesn’t get any better. And today is going to be a fantastic day for sports. Right after I saw one of the most incredible, exciting playoff series ever end (Florida downs San Francisco in 4), I see the BoSox stay alive in bizarre fashion.

So here is the lineup. At 1:00 I watch the A’s try to close out a division series for the first time in 7 tries. I have to be honest, I’m cheering for them. Red Sox fans irritate me with their whininess and I hope they never win one, quite frankly. Plus, the A’s have such a tiny payroll, it would be nice to see them advance and not be labelled as one of the all-time choker teams.

At 4:00, I watch the Twinkies try to stave off elimination at the hands of the Evil Empire. Again, I’m cheering for the Twins. I hate the Yankees and want them to lose in the first round again. I don’t have much hope, though. The Twins might win this one, but I’m not sure about Game 5. Wells is definitely vulnerable and Santana is really, really good. Of the three teams I desperately want to lose in the playoffs, I have one down. Hopefully, the Twins can keep hope alive for the second.

Finally, at 8:00, I get to watch a win or go home game betweeen the Cubbies and the Braves. Frankly, I’m tired of the Braves. And while Cubs fans have suffered longer than Braves fans, they’ve done it in a cheerful and drunken fashion giving them the moral highground. Here’s to a Cubs-Marlins (such a fun team to watch) NLCS!

At the same time, I have football to keep me occupied if I start getting irritated with baseball (the game most likely to make me want to switch is Yankees-Twins if the Yankees start dominating them). Miami vs. New York Blue should be a really good game, so I might check on that. Of course, I’m having Arizona vs. Dallas shoved down my throat on Fox so that will just suck. Why is Arizona even getting airtime? (Yeah, yeah, Emmit back at Dallas - whoop-de-damn-do)

And the game most likely to save my sanity? Skins vs. Eagles. Playing at the same time as Yankees-Twins, so I will likely be switching over to that.

Yes, my friends, today is definitely a wonderful day.

You got that right, Neurotik. I didn’t get to see any of the Yankees-Twins game, but the other 3 games more than made up for it.