iTunes resolution upgrades

OK so the new iTunes has higher resolution videos. But I already bought a crap load of videos at the smaller resolution. Is there a way to replace my old purchases with the better versions of them?

Really? No one?

I’ve heard one report of someone calling iTunes support and convincing them to let him download all his old purchased videos again in order to get the higher resolution. Haven’t tried it myself, nor have I heard if other people have been able to do the same thing.

Officially however, there is no (free) way to replace all your old videos; the upgrade isn’t retroactive.

There are apparently reports that some of the videos have just been upsampled from the small versions, with no actual new information. There was an article here and a Slashdot discussion here. I didn’t read them all the way though, but you might want to take a look before buying a video for the second time.