I've been adopted (kitty or demon?)

What the hell is with this cat???

Ok, I realize cats adopting people is not an unknown phenomenon. Perfectly normal. But this is weird…

First of all because if you’re a cat looking for a home why choose us? We have cats, and a dog as well. In other words territory that has already been claimed several times over. But this seems to have fazed this creature not at all.

Secondly because the sense of entitlement (see point one) this thing is exibiting is extraordinary…EVEN FOR A CAT! It started off in the crawl space in the roof…and talking to me about it all day.Then it managed to get into the house. I put it out again. I went to put the dog out…it got back in. And proceeded to walk around looking more at home than I usually feel around here. And telling me all about it. Anyone here have a Siamese? This cat should only be as quite as a Siamese.
Thirdly because this does not look like some desperate stray. In addition to looking well fed and healthy…it’s got those weird ears. Ya know, all crinkled up. One of those bizaare things people breed for in a pathetic attempt to create the concept of “pure bred” cats. And can I say I’m deeply opposed to that idea but…thoses ears look, like, totally cool and stuff.
Anyway, I could put it out again. After all a healthy pure bred kitty must have a home to go back to…right? Right!? I mean unless it’s…something else…

I mean I know cats. And this cat is weird.
Maybe I shouldn’t offend it :eek:

Maybe it’s a reincarnation of someone who used to live in your house?

Wow, you could be talking about my cat. She just showed up at the apartment one day and refused to leave (I mean it–we tried putting her out on the other side of the road and she’d be scratching at the door five minutes later, could find the apartment and everything), talks constantly, and looks like a purebred, even though I don’t think she is one, because who the hell would lose a purebred cat?

I’d say keep her (after trying to find the owner of course); I love my weird cat.

Crinkled up ears? You mean like these fellas?

Or these fellas?

Just notcied your name, DJ. Excellent play on words, I must say.

::Frantically hunts for a DJ…finds an LJ…finds a DW…hunts ever onward::

Mi dispiace, DW. Please say a little prayer for me.

these guys?

At work, I’ll just take time all through my coffee break time.

But they’re only 10 minutes, so it’ll have to be little.

Hmmm…could be. They’re more folded than curled. Although unlike those cats she still looks like she has ears at least. Maybe that’s it…she was thrown out of pure bred home for not living up to the exact Scottish Fold criteria (did I mention I hate the whole pure bred cat idea :mad: ).

Anyway, she spent the night last night (well, even if I could get her to leave, it was cold out) mostly sleeping on my head. Something I do not let strangers do that often. I put her out this morning but for some reason she’s currently curled up next to the computer. Not only won’t she leave the house she doesn’t seem to want to leave my side. My own personal demon? Well, I have so many I guess one of them could have manifested into cat form…

But, but…now you’ve “gone all the way” in catspeak! You let her sleep on your head and now you’re kicking her to the curb? Nuh-uh, buster. You got yourself a new cat! :smiley:

Anyone else think those Scottish Folds just look startled all the time? How do you know if they’re about to swat at you if their ears aren’t there to tell you? (checking frantically to make sure the “they’re” “their” and “there” are the right “theres” there.) And the American Curl? Wrong. Just…wrong. Poor things look like refugees from '80s mall hair.

Dude! Keep it! Guys with demons get all the chicks. How do you think Mick Jagger became a sex symbol?

Also, naming the cat will be easy Just browse through a grimoire. Me, I’d pick Ahktoi (Theron Ware’s cat familiar from The Devil’s Day).

Just name it Church and don’t be surprised when it kills you one day.

But…but…she just threw herself at me. And she knew I was seeing other cats…

Can’t we be mature about this? Or at least weaned??

Can I award you most apt simile of the year?

Er…maybe I should mention I’m not a dude, dude. Now if you tell me I’ll get all the guys with my demonic pussy I might think you’re on to something…

Did her ears look like this instead of this? She could be a Scottish Fold with single-folded ears rather than triple-folded. Single-folded ears are considered less desirable in Scottish Folds, so your theory could be right.

By the way, what color is she? I’m picturing her as a black cat.

My dad loves Scottish Folds, especially black ones. And I wish one of the Neville kitties would sleep on my head. You are so lucky!

God, put some sort of warning on that first picture! That’s the creepiest thing I’ve seen all day.

Something similar happened to my mother. A little furry fellow showed up one day determined to live in her house. She resisted him for nearly a year but… we all know how this ended, right?

So I say, submit now. Save yourself the aggravation.

Resistance is futile.

-dwyr (owned by four beasties)

Grateful for any time you can spare.

Must run for the bus now.