I've Been Away For Too Long... Didja Miss Me?

:slight_smile: This has been a crazy couple of months… sort of. At least it’s been worth it. I haven’t been online in all this time because I’ve been too busy. The month of February was taken up doing renfaire, then March was devoted to getting to know my new boyfriend better and getting ready for the spring musical at my school. First week of April hits, and I’m off to Atlanta for band and choir competition… a couple weeks later, and I’m in tech week for The Scarlet Pimpernel. Our first weekend was pretty good, except for all the technical problems we had… the revolving stage broke twice in one week, and one time was during a show. I’ve got one week left of that, and then I’m hopefully going to have a job so I can have some money for Prom and other expenses. :wink: So, what did I miss?

Well, the board was slain, slept, and was reborn in fire, having lost a few months worth of posts to the howling forces of Chaos. Other’n that, not much.

Welcome back!

And we learned that Engelbert Humperdink fans are in need of serious help…well, one in particular anyway.


You guys are forgetting the new security details put into place while MIS was gone. How do we know that this is the REAL Mirrored Indigo Shadows? Huh?

Did anyone ask them for the super-duper secret password yet?

I thought not.

Nobody tell them anything until we get a password.

Hey, she’s cool. She IMed me last night an’ everything.

[sub]Fake. Fake fake fake FAKE fake.

RUN! NOW![/sub]

Astroboy offers the secret handshake…


I have never met you, but what a FANTASTIC username!