I've been offered a job. A REAL job.

Yes sir, boy howdy, a real, live job with stuff like benefits and paid holidays and vacations and stuff. And I won’t be driving my own car 100 miles per day and I won’t be spending $75.00 a week on gasoline needed to drive my own car 100 miles per day. It’s a heady feeling; I’m like really old, man, and this guy likes older employees because older employees are loyal, honest, thrifty, trustworthy, clean, reverent and brave and stuff.

A job, dammit, a real job and I thought I’d never again have one. No more of this Independent Contractor stuff; I’ve got a job!!! A real, honest to God job: It doesn’t pay a lot but I’m an old man in Florida and thems the breaks. But it’s like 40 hours per week and I get overtime if I work more than 40 hours a week. I’d say I’m ecstatic about it but I don’t think I can spell ecstatic.

Did I mention that I’ve got a job?

All right!!! Congratulations! You sound a little bit happy. :smiley:


Yes. Too happy.

Congratulations! I’m happy for you!

My step-father-in-law has had a hard time finding a job because of his age – they all think he’s about to retire tomorrow, but he isn’t. He’s been piecing together independent contractor positions for several years now, with nothing steady, and it’s frustrating for him. This man has two Ph.D.s, former VP for big computer company, and nobody will hire him for a real, full-time job because he’s too old.

Sounds like your new employer has a good attitude, and I hope you enjoy working there.

Congratu-freaking-lations. That sounds fantastic! pops the champagne cork


Sorry, I didn’t know you were looking, you could have had mine. I hate it. No bennies, crappy pay, and horrid colleagues. Let me know if anyone else is looking, I’ll give it to you for a song.

Sometimes good things happen to good people. :slight_smile:

Shibb, lets trade. I have benefits and good pay, but I have do the slackers’ work too.
Congrats LouisB! toasts to many happy paychecks!

Hey, LouisB, bestust congrats!!! Independent contracting isn’t all bad, but what a farging hassle. And, it sounds like you didn’t have to move, yes??

Good for you.

Gratz, LouisB! May the happiness last at least as long as the job :smiley:

I still have to pass a physical exam and a drug test but there should be no problem with either one.

I also have to give notice to the people who are screwing me over now; I haven’t decided on how much notice to give, but it isn’t going to be very much. I’ve been running a route, delivering medications to nursing homes. A given route pays a given amount and I was okay with what I was making. A week ago, the pharmacy I deliver for lost two of my facilities and my pay was cut by close to thirty percent: I don’t think I owe them much notice since I got none at all. In fact, they are lucky I didn’t quit on the spot—I wasn’t even informed of the pay reduction until I got my last check. Florida sucks when it comes to the working man.

Anyway, I’ve got a JOB!!! With benefits!!! Is this a great country or what?

Congrats. Now stay away from them thar porn sites I sent you

YAY for you!

Congratulations! Hope it all goes well for you.

Do not mention this until after the exam, and a definate you’re hired.

Yeah, I’ve burned bridges once but never again.

Porn sites? What porn sites? What are porn sites? Momma don’t allow no porn sites 'round here. I don’t care what momma don’t allow, I’m gonna watch them porn sites anyhow. And thanks.

Congratulations. Wishing you luck and joy in your new career! :slight_smile:

I am devastated, crushed, forlorn, sorrowful and feeling rotten to the core.

I had not realized that the job I was offered was regulated by the DOT. I was told I had to take a physical exam and when I presented myself at the examining office I was told I had to take a hearing test. I am stone deaf in the left ear and the deafness cannot be alleviated by a hearing aid—I knew that before I went in. I just didn’t know my hearing would be tested. If I had known, I wouldn’t have wasted the company owner’s money and time.
Anyway, I am unable to pass the DOT exam and therefore disqualified for the job. I really wanted that job, too.

Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn.

Even so, thanks for all the supportive comments and good wishes.

Damn, damn, damn. So sorry.