I've discovered a new recipe....well, sort of!

Tonight I made a delish dish of roasted pork-belly with ginger, garlic and the requisite greens that make the meal complete (oh, and steamed rice of course).

On scraping all the leftovers into one bowl, I spied a bit of uneaten pork w/crunchy rind which I quickly scoffed…and then I found ANOTHER bit which followed the first, but it wasn’t pork. It was a sliver of chocolate that my grandson had left behind from his after-meal treat.

And the taste was MARVELLOUS!! After the crunchy saltiness of the pork, the silky sweetness of the chocolate was incredible. I went hunting for some more choc to try the experiment again, but the little buggers had eaten it all. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you ever combined really disparate ingredients and come up with a winner?