I've forgotten the punch line

A Buddhist monk approaches a hot dog vendor on the street.
“Make me one with everything!”
The vendor slips him the dog, and he gives the vendor $20.00
After a few moments of being ignored, the Monk inquires, “Hey, where’s my change?”
And the hot dog vendor replies…

I’ve forgotten. :frowning:

Change comes from within

True change comes from within.

We need a Buddhist smiley

Thank you!
Y’all are Gentlemen and Scholars.

Change comes from within.

However beyond that this seems to be the perfect place to unveil my Buddist/hot dog vendor corollary:

Consider wisely: A Buddist monk goes up to hot dog vendor and *though he knows him to be * solely a purveyor of processed meat products, yet he asks him for a double scoop of chocolate.

Get it? Get it??? It’s an ice cream koan!

Q: What did the Buddhist monk say to the hot dog vendor?

A: Make me one with everything.

Zen what happened?

I feel personally responsible for that, and apologize to the board at large.

What did the Chinese monk say to the Japanese monk?
“That was Zen, this is Dao.”


But now I have to explain the water sprayed all over my monitor at work!