I've found the most addictive game ever

It’s Puzzle Bobble! But… how do you win?


That is one of the greatest posts I’ve ever read. Wonderful! :slight_smile:

Once you’ve completed all the levels of Boomshine, try to get ALL the dots on a level. There’s a surprise.

Are there levels and power-ups in this game? :smiley:

Oh my - I wasted several hours on that one last night! Very, very fun (I played the “strategy” version). Once I got the hang of it, after maybe four games, I somehow managed to run up a score of over 78,000. It must have been mostly luck, because for the next ten games, I could barely break 10,000.

The only thing I couldn’t figure out was the criteria that determines when the bubbles drop down a row.

I got to 266 in Boomshine. How in the world do folks get to 500+?

I got 266 as well. What a neat game – it’s surprising how difficult it is to beat level 12! Great link, Garfield226!

272 is my best Boomshine score… and I regret to say it was quite a few games ago. I seem to get 265ish more often :frowning:

We actually were intrigued enough by Peggle to pony up the $20 and get the deluxe version. Did the download, got the order number via e-mail. But when it came time to register, we got a message saying that it couldn’t open a browser link to their site, and we’re stuck playing the demo version. Our browser obviously is up & running. And their online help is useless.

Anyone else have this problem?


This is not only a fun game, but beautiful in an off-beat way; I thoroughly enjoyed that link (though not my pathetic 260 score :slight_smile: )

I got mine off of Steam, so it worked a little differenly. Hopefully someone can help you with this. You could maybe try using a different browser to access the site. Or trying again at another time.

Splash back

My high is 282, but I have the same question. There are only 335 dots in the whole game. Perhaps there is some big bonus for completely clearing a level.

How the hell are people getting 300 to 500 points?

You should know, Shady Grove is referred to as Shady Hell by its patients. It’s probably cheaper to buy a baby. :smiley:

I finally did it!! I actually cleared all 60 on level 12!!!
I had a ranking of #105 with a score of 312.

I never do well at these things- I am stupidly happy right now.

Must be 'cause I score 312 and I cleared all 60 on level 12. I went into level 12 with a 201 or something.

Stupid happy!

Peggle has the same problem that every popcap game is developing over time–you spend more time being forced to watch their endless, incredibly annoying and repetitive score counters and exploding fireworks than you do actually playing. It’s not a good sign when I’d rather lose the game than win, because at least that way I can start again faster.

Even though I came in here looking to become addicted to a new game, I have to say, extremely sarcastically, “Thank you so much for posting this.” I downloaded the demo, played for an hour (loving every minute of it) and was forced to pay $20 so I could continue my game. And then I played for two more hours. And two more today. I love Zuma, but it’s too easy for me now. Sparkle’s a lot harder - the chains of orbs move really fast. But it’s super fun.