I've found the most addictive game ever

Holy crap Peggle is fun. Now I’m sad 'cause I’m not paying $20 for it.

I just bought it. That is an insanely fun game. Well worth the $20, so far.

Damnit I had a look at the Peggle trial at 12.30am just before bed, and then played it solidly until my hour expired, and didn’t get to bed until nearly 2am. Damn you. Damn it. I’m so tired. Such a fun game.

Seconded, almost word for word, but for Sparkle (I had already used up my Peggle-time)

I. Hate. You.

Me too. Best I’ve done is to get past level 11. I suck :frowning:


And only after 30 tries I found out that you can put drops in squares that have none.

Yeah I did that and immediately started looking for a knife to slit my own wrists.

Btw, I got past lvl 12 :smiley:


Isn’t it great? Once I figured out that you get a power-up with every three combos, it got a bit easier. Lately I’ve been experimenting with the amulets. I’ve tried them all – well, all the ones I’ve been able to get. I use Swift until I get Victory, and when I get Luck I stick with that one.

I’ve made it through Basic and Expert, but Master makes me dizzy. I haven’t spent much time in Survival and Challenge modes.

I was hearing the music in my sleep, so I turned it off. Easier to concentrate when you’re not hearing that ominous “hoo-ya hoo-ya” when the orbs get close to the black hole.

Best $20 I ever spent on a game.

I’m in! Where do I pay? :smiley:

Luck is my favorite amulet, too. So far, at least. I really like the music, so I leave it on. I haven’t been hearing it in my sleep. With Zuma (and Tetris), I used to see the game whenever I closed my eyes. This hasn’t happened with Sparkle yet, but I bet it will. That’s pretty annoying.

Another really cool game is Bookworm Adventures Deluxe. I just wish you could use the keyboard instead of clicking on the letters. The game isn’t as addicting as Sparkle or Peggle (for me, at least) because I fry my brain coming up with awesome words, but it’s definitely fun.

My best was level 19

You hate Splash Back?

THIS will give you a twitchy face.



This is the best thread ever.

Let me pay back the favor…

I found this one 2 weeks ago and didn’t sleep for 5 days straight.

I am crippled. Scored 98.670 on speedy bubbles and my hands are cramped up.

Got through level 16 in Splash Back, then croaked in level 17. Then the very next game I didn’t even get through level 1 :confused:

OK, my previous game was not available online, so as an apology, I offer this (seeing as how this is the SDMB, I’m sure it’s been mentioned somewhere on the boards before):
Line Rider! http://www.official-linerider.com

You draw a track for a person on a sled to travel on. From their about page:

I figured this was about Peggle.

I too have been converted.

How are we all on the challenges?

I finished the Peggle adventure, and I’m into the 450,000’s on the Peggle challenges. They’re getting tough! You have to do things like make special long shots and intentionally bounce balls off of pegs into the bucket to get style points to rack up your score that high.

Still having lots of fun with this game. My daughter and I enjoy playing the duels, but she’s kicking my butt at it.

Line Rider is taking over my soul. Thanks a lot!