I've got an engagement ring!

Shhh…don’t tell Mr. Rilch!

Mr. Rilch never gave me an engagement ring, and neither of us has a wedding ring. No, this doesn’t matter to me; clearly, if it did, we wouldn’t be married. He keeps talking about getting us replicas of The One Ring, and I’m all for it, but it’s never been on the top of our priority list.

But when we were back east, he found his grandma’s engagment ring and brought it back here. I ran across it this morning and tried it on. It’s just a wee bit too small, so that I occasionally have to turn it the right way, but it stays on.

I’m just waiting for him to notice…

You sure he wasn’t waiting for Christmas? Might want to practice your “surprised” face.

Well, by “ran across it”, I mean, it was on the kitchen table, along with a bunch of other doodads we brought back. But you have a point: he doesn’t have a great track record for concealing gifts.

Hasn’t noticed yet, darn it!

Funny, I had always pictured Mr. Rilch as a guy. This conclusion is obviously an error on my part. The OP proves conclusively that Mr. Rilch is not a male, for you have lived with this person for more than one week and still expect him to notice something about you besides “clothes on” and “clothes off”. I apologize for my error.

Does this mean you are a virgin again?

Yay for getting Grannies ring!