I've got the midterm blues

<nerk nerk nerk nerk>

This is a dumb thing to freak out about, I realize.

So I’m taking French this quarter with hopes of going to France next quarter. The past two quizzes I haven’t done so hot on- one I got a C on, the other I quite spectacularly failed (there were extenuating circumstances, and my prof, understood, but still…). The upshot is that I’ve got to get a B minus or better in the course so that I can get myself to Lyon.

Now, Tuesday is my midterm- counting for 1/5 of my grade- and I’m terrified. I have spent hours upon hours studying for this test. Thinking about it practically gives me cold sweats. I have never been this nervous about a test in my life, and while I realize that I’m being irrational and ridiculous, the overwhealming sense of dread is very much with me. I need to nail this one or seriously hurt my chances to get to Lyon.

I don’t want hugs. Happy French thoughts would be appreciated, though.

Hmm. I haven’t taken a class in the language in a few years, but I still remember bits and pieces of my 13 years of training.

What’s the title of the class? What are y’all doin’ in it? And what’s plaguing you in it, if anything in particular?

::Sends happy French thoughts andy’s way::