I've Had a Vasectomy. I Am:

Vasectomied? Vasectified? Vasectomized?

By the way, what’s the difference between a man who has had a vasectomy and a man who hasn’t had a vasectomy? There’s a vas deferens!


I’d go with “surgically sterile,” but “vasectomized” is my personal favorite. :slight_smile:


very punny. you’re shooting blanks.


I think you were looking for “infertile”.

Personally, I’d go with “snipped.” “The Snip” is pretty commonly recognized as the term for a vasectomy.

Did you know that I took a limo to the Urologist’s office the day I had my procedure?

I figured if I was going to be impotant, I needed to look impotant!

Thanks everyone for the help. I’m actually looking for the accepted term in, you know, a scholarly (or whatever) context.

All men are infertile. Only women can be fertile.



Or “snipped.” Which I use depends on who I’m speaking to, mostly.
Which occasions my mentioning my two dear lesbian friends who are trying to spawn, and who, to date, are the only women to express regret that I am unable to father a child.

My vasectomized relatives refer to themselves as neutered. Medical professionals say vasectomized or surgically sterile.

I just say I’ve had the supply lines shut down.


Men are productive (or unproductive) then?

Oh, and I also use “child-proofed” if I’m in a particularly euphemistic mood.

False, impotent, is used to describe a male who is unable to copulate due to their inability to acheive and/or maintain an erection. It does not necessarilly denote whether a male is fertile or not.


Yep, or simply to answer the OP, vasectomized.

False, impotent can either mean inability to achieve erection or general inability to father a child.

I false your false. Men can be virile or potent, but they cannot be fertile. Fertility denotes the side where the seed is grown, not the side that contributes the seed.

If a lobotomy patient has been lobotomized, I’d say that vasectomized is the logical choice. (Although my spell checker doesn’t recognize it.)

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