I've Had a Vasectomy. I Am:

Ever seen the movie Inner Space? :wink:

Downgraded to a tropical squall.



If you actually want to know…

There are a couple of ways to do it without a needle or a scalpel. Local anesthetic can be injected using a kind of an air gun (had this done on my own vasectomy, actually) in multiple ‘pops’. You do have to get into the scrotum eventually, so a small hole or holes can be made using either an electrocautery on the ‘cut’ setting, or just by punching a hole with a sharpish hemostat. The vas deferens can be cut and tied, or cut and clipped, or clipped and not cut, as the urologist prefers. If entry is made with a hemostat puncture or a small enough electrocautery incision, the wound can just be closed with a bit of glue and/or skin tape, so no stitches to take out.

They call it the “housebrick method”. Surely no further explanation is necessary.

You know, I think a scalpel sounds better. :eek:

Gelded or Steered.

Curious (Fallow)

Why couldn’t I have known better than to open the spoiler box? Why? Why?

I’ve Had a Vasectomy. I Am

I’ve had Vasectomy I am, I am

I got married to the widow next door

She’s been married seven times before

And every one has vasectomy

All had a cut willy or a sam

I’m her eighth old man with vasectomy

Vasectomy the Eighth I am, I am

Vasectomy the Eighth I am!

I can’t remember what book it was, but a character in that book was written to pronounce “sterile” as rhyming with “pearl” – something like “stirl.”

That’s how I describe myself (not that I’m asked that often about my reproductive capability): stirl.

I am like a navel orange: All juice and no seeds.

Considering one who suffers a frontal lobotomy has been lobotomized, I would say vasectomized is the answer OP is looking for.

I’ve Had a Vasectomy. I Am:

highly desirable!


Go stand in the corner and be ashamed.