Jack Black is now a Tenacious D[ad]!

A boy! Born on Saturday, just in time for Father’s Day!

This certainly is the year of the celebrity baby, but so far, this has been the only one born to someone I actually care about. Well, congratulations to Jack and Tanya, and welcome to the world, Baby Jables! Lucky you: you’ve got the coolest dad ever!

Congrats to the parents!

I hate to sink to such levels, but I’m so curious - so what happened to Laura Keightlinger? Last I knew, she’d been with JB for a decade, then suddenly he’s married to this other lady. I suppose they aren’t tabloid-y enough for anyone to know what the story is behind that breakup…

Well, I don’t actually know, but what I surmise is that since Laura is now a producer, and Jack is heavily in demand for films that require location shooting, her inability to leave LA with him was the dealbreaker. He didn’t leave her for Tanya, at any rate. They are still on good terms, and supposedly Laura even put in an appearance at Tanya’s baby shower, so no great tragedy there.

Which is not to say that the marriage might not suffer from Tanya being the rebound chick, high school crush or not; plus the fact that she fell pregnant so abruptly, almost as soon as they moved in together. But who knows. Whatever happens, I just hope it’s the best for the kid.