Jack Chick Documentary Available Online!

Not sure where to post this. I know that Jack Chick threads traditionally go in the pit but given that this is a documentary film I figured I would put it here.

It was mentioned on the boards a few months ago but as far as I know no one found a way to watch it outside of buying it on Amazon. So I was quite excited when I came across a legitimate link to the documentary about Jack Chick. The whole movie posted online.

I found it quite interesting. I especially like the fact that the film makers point out the prevalence of Fang and the phrase “Haw haw haw”.

Thanks so much! I grew up on those things (by choice!) and I’ve been looking forward to seeing this.
To clarify, JTC lost me as a supporter when he defended John Todd when he was exposed, and then championed Alberto Rivera.

There’s a collection of his work that’s been published. I can’t believe anybody thought that was a good idea.

I watched that this morning, quite interesting.