Jackass! Watch the show damn you!

Ok. Anyone who believes far out stunts and gross out humor is king must watch Jackass on MTV. Knoxville will do anything for a laugh and his pals are the stupidest bunch of freaks you will ever see.

Its funny that half the people who watched it with me find out out and out hilarious and the other (my girlfriend among them) find it so gross they can’t watch any part.

Opinions? I think its a real winner. And if you really want to see the shit you can’t see on MTV (and there is a lot) watch Johnny’s first skateboard productions for BIG BROTHER magazine like Boob. Trust me, Jackass is tame compared to it.

i love jackass!

johnny knoxville was on the cover of a recent issue of rolling stone, with a whole big article talking about him and all the people who do the stunts on the show. he (johnny knoxville) is going to be in a movie soon with…with…i forget who, but some really big hollywood starlet.

anyway, yeah - jackass rules : )


Does it have music videos?

Ugh…this show. Mr. Sunshine loves it and thinks it’s the funniest thing in the world. There are bits that I think are funny, like all the skateboarding and riding in the shopping carts and jumping off things. But then when they start to get gross (like eating as many eggs as they can and encouraging puking…bleccch) I just can’t take it. And sometimes I can’t believe what they’re doing and even though it’s funny, I feel embarrassed for them and have to turn the channel anyway.

Have to say that guy is pretty demented but entertaining.

this show is perfect because it’s based on the one basic human truth:


I watched the Jackass marathon TWICE this weekend, because you know MTV’s motto: Anything worth showing once is worth showing 15 times consecutively.

i used to watch Tom Green faithfully and I still would if it was on, but Jackass takes it to a whole new level of devastating self injury that makes me laugh until my panties are soaked with my own urine.

watching Johnny Knoxville get tazed and sprayed with pepper spray by CHOICE is fantastic, and of course Bam Margera “kicking his dad’s ass…all day long” is a classic in television history.

Of course it’s stupid, it’s disgusting, it’s damaging to the youth of America…and I’ll never stop watching.




If Jackass really has any real cultural worth… it’s because it hastens the demise of the stupid ones that actually try these stunts at home.

jar you have to watch boob…it has a xtra bonus to the knoxville tazer that MTV refused to show. Johnny straping on a bulletproof vest and have someone plug him in the chest with a bullet.

Yes the vest caught it and yes Johnny screamed like a hellhound (the bruise was livid)
And the jackass bunch put that warning in front of every segue. If anything, America is idiocy incorporated. I take the evidence of the infamous Bevis and Butthead episode and the 2 neanderthal kids who torched their own house imitating it.

I say, sure easy to blame the show, but if a houseape has enough time, he will self destruct himself with no help

I don’t know what in hell I was watching on Christmas Day, but I think it was something to do with Jackass. It was some kind of Egg-nog drinking marathon, and I damn near pissed in my pants laughing.

Yeah, I’ll admit it - I’m amused by that show. Anyone that would jump in a kiddie pool full of elephant shit will get my attention. It’s like a car wreck…you don’t really want to watch, but you do.

Where can I see THIS! I’m so excited!

NO SHIT. I was listening to the radio yesterday and they were discussing the idiots who set themselves on fire. Someone called in and said, “Sure, they put up a warning, but it’s PRINTED on the screen…No one actually SAYS it out loud. We have to READ the warning.”

Oh for the love of god. So now we have to count on everyone in America being a short attention span, illiterate idiot before we produce a t.v. show. If the big red word WARNING doesn’t get you, don’t the SKULL AND CROSSBONES give you a clue?


Man… I could just see some teenager thinking he wants to repeat the stunt, and not realizing that Knoxville was wearing a bulletproof vest.

I love that show… except when they deal with poop. Like when he took a bite out of dried bull dung (before he tried to ride the bull), or when he went inside the port-a-potty and turned it upside down.