Jeffrey Ross -The Burn....good but...

I’m a big fan of Ross. His type of mean zingers appeal to me. So I’m excited about his show. And it was Good except for two things

  1. Gilbert Godfried. Go away. Not funny.

  2. The jokes Ross made about the co-joined twins. Really? I know they’ve put themselves in the public eye with their reality show but really, mocking them just doesn’t seem right.

I’m being a total hypocrite here as I love mean humour but this crossed the line for me.


Pretty crappy show. Won’t see a season 2. Gilbert was the only redeeming part, in my opinion.

I turned it on the other night because Amy Schumer was on and I think she is funny. Meh. The only bit I liked was the short filmed bit with Sarah Silverman. I doubt I will watch it again.

I’ve seen both episodes and I thought the first one was better. I agree with you on both counts.

Isn’t it part of Jeff Ross’s schtick that there’s no line?

Doesn’t he always do a “too soon?” joke in the first 5 mins of every gig?