Jeopardy Online Test this week - Results?

Didn’t see a thread about it, but I just took the online test this evening, 1/26/16, at 8PM EST. It’s also offered tomorrow and Thursday (only one being offered this year*!*)

Did anyone take it, record it, and/or have the answers?

The producers posted the clues on their website:

You have to hunt down the answers on your own though.

Awesome, Thanks! They didn’t used to do this, they’d get discussed here instead…

If anybody wants to check my work these were my answers to the above link’s questions:

[li]Don Quixote[/li][li]Hello[/li][li]Antropology[/li][li]Crete[/li][li]Mr Peanut[/li][li]Anne [/li][li]Dragon Tatoo (guess, wrong)[/li][li]No idea[/li][li]8 (guess)[/li][li]ran out of time (Constanega I think)[/li][li]Pouridge[/li][li]Manilla[/li][li]Ran out of time (Felicity, duh!)[/li][li]Uncle Tom’s Cabin[/li][li]Crusades[/li][li]Capillary[/li][li]Ravel[/li][li]No idea[/li][li]Fable[/li][li]Don’t know (guessed Williams)[/li][li]Wikileaks[/li][li]Lysol (guess)[/li][li]The Velveteen Rabbit[/li][li]Nook[/li][li]Iberian[/li][li]Spike Lee[/li][li]War & Peace (guess)[/li][li]Copper (not sure)[/li][li]Hazel (not sure)[/li][li]Don’t know[/li][li]Don’t know[/li][li]Boa[/li][li]Target[/li][li]Abraham (guess)[/li][li]Ran out of time (Taming of the Shrew)[/li][li]Ness (guess)[/li][li]No idea[/li][li]Cardigan ?[/li][li]Kingdom ?[/li][li]Sugar Plum Fairy ?[/li][li]Geotag[/li][li]Butte[/li][li]Diamond[/li][li]The Rhine ?[/li][li]Interstellar (guess, probably The Martian)[/li][li]C & C (guess)[/li][li]Originally typed Spleen, changed it to Liver ?[/li][li]Chopped ?[/li][li]The Raven[/li][li]All Things Must Pass[/li][/ol]
Think I did like I always do, around 35 or so…

I logged in and tried to do it, but even though I got the countdown, no clues ever appeared for me.

I suspect my computer is too old for the software they’re using. Gonna have to upgrade before next year’s test.

As the kids say, I has a sad.

They did it last year for sure and I think that was the first time they did.

Correcting a few of the guesses above, the ones I am pretty sure the correct answers are :

#18)Adult Coloring Books
#19)Abel’s Fable
#20)Thornton Wilder
#37)Blake Shelton
#40)Sleeping Beauty
#48)Top Chef
?#50)Downton Abbey Road

I didn’t include the ones of Hail Ants that were clearly correct. Anybody else want to contribute to a full corrected list?

  1. Train
  2. Lake Geneva

There’s a thread for each online test at It has a video of the clues if you missed the test and want to take it for fun. Here are the answers posted there, which I believe are correct. I believe I got 40/50, which is around what I usually get I guess.

  1. don quixote
  2. hello
  3. anthropology
  4. crete
  5. mr peanut
  6. Anne
  7. train
  8. linkedin
  9. 21
  10. conestoga
  11. porridge
  12. manila
  13. felicity
  14. uncle tom’s cabin
  15. crusades
  16. capillary
  17. ravel
  18. adult coloring book
  19. abel fable
  20. thornton wilder
  21. wikileaks
  22. lysol
  23. velveteen rabbit
  24. nook
  25. iberian
  26. spike lee
  27. war and peace
  28. chlorine
  29. almonds
  30. stonewall jackson
  31. aida
  32. boa
  33. target
  34. daniel
  35. taming of the shrew
  36. lake geneva
  37. blake shelton
  38. cardigan
  39. genus
  40. sleeping beauty
  41. geotag
  42. helena
  43. diamond
  44. rubicon
  45. the martian
  46. warhol
  47. spleen
  48. top chef
  49. the raven
  50. downton abbey road

Annoyed the crap out of me that the last category was ‘Before & After’. That’s a common Wheel of Fortune category and I hate it, it’s counter-intuitive and not logical (which is why it’s on stupid Wheel).

I should have stuck with Spleen. I suddenly thought that the spleen isn’t as big as a fist, it’s a small gland (I was thinking of the pancreas), typed Liver in a panic then thought how it’s bigger than a fist!

Just completed the second night’s test (Wednesday, 9pm EST). I didn’t record the questions, and they’re not posted yet. I’d say ~40 or so correct. Eh.

Maybe next year.

Just took the test. It was way easier than last year. I think I only missed 4 or 5, all in recent pop culture categories.

I took the test tonight (Wednesday); it’s been a while since I last took the test. I’m pretty sure I won’t be on television (at least not on Jeopardy). Where does one find the answers, and when are they available?

Questions here. (At least I think so-just replaced the d1 from the prior link with a d2)

OMG! Those were way easier than Tuesday’s!! Shenanigans, shenanigans!!! :smiley:

I believe these are the answers to Wednesday’s test. No, I didn’t know them all. I think I ended up with 44 correct [spoiler]

  1. Romeo and Juliet
  2. House of Cards
  3. Robert Oppenheimer
  4. Ottawa
  5. Volkswagen
  6. James Madison
  7. Lemuel Gulliver
  8. Budweiser
  9. Clavicle
  10. asparagus
  11. warden
  12. Orinoco
  13. Gwen Stefani
  14. Eudora Welty
  15. Praetorian Guard
  16. silver
  17. lion
  18. San Francisco
  19. dagger
  20. Emma Lazarus
  21. John Sutter
  22. coffee
  23. Dave Eggers
  24. chess
  25. the Space Needle
  26. Gene Hackman
  27. Ralph Ellison
  28. Dolly
  29. Maybelline
  30. Florence Nightingale
  31. complementary angle
  32. rivet
  33. a la mode
  34. Troy
  35. sonnet
  36. Mount Olympus
  37. Green Day
  38. Yellowstone National Park
  39. mononucleosis
  40. Cain
  41. gaggle
  42. Chile
  43. 140
  44. Chicago
  45. Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  46. treble clef
  47. hadron
  48. Golden State Warriors
  49. Virgil
  50. “bribery”

This is the first I’d heard of this and typed it into google. What I got was some sort of practice test which I don’t think is what everyone else has done.


Answer is “What is Airmail?”

That’s not really what I was thinking when you asked about type of stamp, but I guess that’s my fault.

They do different ones each night of the test. I took the Tuesday night test, and I did quite well, I think! (I got the Before and After one right, too, Hail Ants – just for the record! :slight_smile: )

I took it the last two years also, but never got called. And now of course the nearest audition city is much farther away this year. But… we’ll see.

Actually, adding them up, I only got one more right than Tuesday’s…

36 right, my best score in five tries. I should have gotten 38, but my mind went blank on Gene Hackman and Emma Lazarus. Still I’m not likely to be on the show.