Jersey Area Dopers: Dopefest on Saturday the 16th of September

I am going to host another Dopefest at my house as a Barbeque. I am looking at a weekend in September. **Brownie55 ** mentioned the 9th/10th is not good and passing on that works better for me. Therefore, for the next week I will take feedback on which weekend works best for all interested Dopers.

I am convenient to two Parkway exits (of Course). Maybe we can figure out a weekend and gauge interest. I would hope to see people from NJ, NY and Penn and anywhere else of course but I am about 45 minutes on a good day from Brooklyn and 1.5 hours from Philly.
Ideally, I would like to shoot for pre-Memorial Day in May as summer Traffic gets horrible.
We are kid friendly and this might make things easier.
I am very open to an alternate location, please suggest away.

I have verified that it was okay to start this thread with TubaDiva.
Still pertinent details are:

I will include the shout out to known NJ area dopers.
Draelin, Eve, Cheesesteak, Fat Chance, pantom, GWVet, Green Bean, crowmanyclouds, Wolfian, Annie-Xmas, The Scrivener, NinjaChick, LavenderBlue, GilaB, Wilson and **Philster ** (courtesy of Hal from the last thread)
**Hal Briston & twickster, NotMyRealUserName, MannyL, Meros, Cleophus, Doc Cathode, ryobserver, pseudotriton ruber ruber, MsRobyn, Airman, danceswithcats, jayjay, supervenusfreak, engineer computer geek. **
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If anyone knows of any other Jersey area posters, give them a shout out.

Last Dopefest:
Attendance was light but probably not bad for a first time.
**Hal Briston and family, MannyL, Risha, NotMyRealUserName, Cheesesteak, Frosted Glass ** with a college friend and new member **malita ** who just moved to NJ. {I’m fearful I forgot someone}.
Thank you,
Jim {I forgot to take pictures, I will promise to do so this time}

Reachable by train or bus from NYC or Hoboken?

The Jersey Shore line comes down to Middletown. It would only take coordinating a ride from Middletown to my house. We might find a volunteer or 3. We might even find a doper closer to Hoboken. My wife (also Eve) might even be willing to make a shuttle run to the train with her minivan. This I will have to check with her.


The 16th, 23rd or 30th would all work fine by me.

I’d be up for it – I’m desperately hoping my life will be in somewhat less of an uproar after Labor Day.

At this point, any of those three weekends is fine with me.

I’m right in the middle of central NJ. August and July are packed, but any of those weekends in September would work for me.

I’m good any day except the 9th.

Sounds good, I think we will rule that weekend out already.

Look forward to meeting you.

I really hope your life settles down too, sounds like the new job has you traveling all over lately.

Good deal. Little further trip for you this time. Congrats again on the new Home.


The Doorses are a “maybe” again this time. I don’t get my fall work schedule until sometime in August, and this time, I may have to work weekends.

We’ll see.


I’ll try to be there with my husband and child. The time periods mentioned should be good for us.

A dopefest sounds like a great idea. My September is free for now, whatever day you choose should be fine.

Hey, thanks for the invite (again). Any time in September is good for me. Looking forward to this!

Hope you can make.

Look forward to seeing both of you.

You raise a good point I forgot to mention in the Op.

We are kids friendly
My kids are 9 & 6 and there should be plenty to keep them entertained. We can set up one of those Big Blow up bouncing Castle toys. Similar to this one.

As this thread progresses, if anyone thinks they could provide Taxi service for Eve, please speak up. It would be fun to meet an SDMB legend. :slight_smile:


Hi! September 3 & 17 are good for me. I work Saturdays, and have Broadway events on the 10th and 24th.

I do need transportation from Bergen County or NYC.

Okay, I’ve had a chat with my internal organs, and they all think we’ll be okay for the month of September. :slight_smile: I’ve got prior commitments Labor Day weekend and the weekend of the 23rd, but I’m available for the rest.

I’m up for another Dopefest, any weekend in Sept. is good for me. I’ll come back and bring pie this time. It would be my pleasure to give a ride to Annie Xmas and Eve (I’m in Secaucus).

Sounds like we have a volunteer to help you and Eve out with Transportation.

Way cool, I am very happy you are feeling better.

Awesome offer, thank you. That is very cool.

So far I would say that Saturday the 16th is leading the Pack for the Day of the dopefest. We will see how that goes.


I forgot to put in a shout out for Oy!. She said she might think about coming to the next one.

I’m in PA, but might be able to come in to meet more people! I’ll check with Morgyn, too, as we tend to travel together when possible.

Ah–thanks. Let me know what would be a good place to meet–I can get to Secaucus from where I live via bus.