Jersey Dopefest the Third: Sunday June 10th at 2pm

I am going to host another DopeFest at my house as a barbeque. I am leaning towards June and I am open to July. Therefore, for the next week or so I will take feedback on which weekend works best for all interested Dopers.

I am convenient to two Parkway exits (of course). Maybe we can figure out a weekend and gauge interest. I would hope to see people from NJ, NY and Penn and anywhere else of course but I am about 45 minutes on a good day from Brooklyn and 1.5 hours from Philly.

The last DopeFest was very good and had a good turnout. As usual I will ensure we have plenty of basics to barbeque and to nosh on and then many other dopers brought various dishes, deserts or drinks. It is mostly BYOB, I will have some beer in a cooler and mostly diet soda.

  • We are kid friendly and this might make things easier.

  • Last time we managed some carpooling and train station pickups. I am sure we could do so again.

I have verified that it was okay to start this thread with TubaDiva.
Still pertinent details are:

The Prior Threads/DopeFests:
May 20, 2006:
September 16, 2006:
I will include the shout out to known NJ area dopers.
Oy!, Draelin, Eve, Cheesesteak, Fat Chance, pantom, GWVet, Green Bean, crowmanyclouds, Wolfian, Annie-Xmas, The Scrivener, NinjaChick, LavenderBlue, GilaB, Wilson and Philster,Veuve_ClicquotNJ, Loach, Athelas, Marley23, Anyrose, Ensign Edison, McNew, Jamaika a jamaikaiaké, Ceejaytee, LavenderBlue, Spatial Rift 47, saramamalana, Risha, Frosted Glass, Available Jones, Count Blucher, brachyrhynchos, Emily Littella, Risha.

(courtesy of **Hal ** from the first thread)
Hal Briston, twickster, NotMyRealUserName, MannyL, Meros, Cleophus, Doc Cathode, ryobserver, pseudotriton ruber ruber, MsRobyn, Airman, danceswithcats, jayjay, supervenusfreak, engineer computer geek.

**If anyone knows of any other Jersey area posters, give them a shout out. **

A note from last Jersey Dopefest:
**Planning to attend: **
pseudotriton ruber ruber
AndrewL and hopefully his wife as well.
Risha with some sort of salad-y side
twickster’s World Famous Carrot Cake & thinking about maybe bringing s’more supplies.
Draelin’s World famous Plastic Plates and Utensils
MannyL’s World famous chips and salsa
brachyrhynchos: I’m thinking 3-bean salad. And maybe I’ll bring a little bit of my world infamous herring and beets potato salad (for those with brave taste buds).
Hal Briston’s Elusive, four months in the waiting Cupcakes.
betenoir: If she can make it , she is bring Cole Slaw.
lavenderblue: Husband and daughter: definitely bringing pasta salad and perhaps a cake as well.

**I am not sure if these members are attending. **
Available Jones
Cannot make it: **
Spatial Rift 47
Frosted Glass

Hope to see you all,

The only weekend that I know won’t work for me June 23/24. Other than that, things are pretty much wide open.

Thanks for hosting once again!

Cool and no problem of course.

The first two weekends in June should be fine for me and my family. The next four are taken up with family and vacation.

I very much enjoyed the last get together. :slight_smile:

I’ve been unable to make these in the past because they’ve been primarily Friday night/Saturday hangouts, and I can’t get there because I’m Sabbath-observant. If there’s going to be something on Sunday besides breakfast, I may or may not be able to make it (definitely not on 6/17), but definitely don’t plan around me! It’s nice to get the shout-out, though :slight_smile:

Woo Hoo!!! No MU football games, either, so I think I’m in!

We definitely can’t do the first two weekends in June because of family commitments. I may be open the rest of the summer, though. We’ll see.


My sister’s family is coming in June 29th - July 5th. Other than that, no problem.

I’m 0 for 2 on making these … I’m not even going to pretend I’m worth planning around.

I KNOW I say this every year, but I do want to come :smiley: I can provide carpool assistance for anyone coming from the NW part of NJ.

Just give me a few weeks notice!


I’m sort of thinking about/planning a mid-ish June trip back to NJ, so I’ll keep an eye on the thread for the finalized date. Consider me a maybe. I really would love to meet you all.

Shecky, you’ll have the shortest trip. You’re just one exit south.

GilaB, if there are no objections, I will shoot for a Sunday as it accommodates you and actually is a little easier on me.

twickster: I hope you can make it this time, but I least I got to meet you at the Philly Prison trip and I should be meeting you again at the Gardens. The kids are looking forward to the excuse to go to the aquarium in Baltimore again.

Veuve_ClicquotNJ, cool and thanks for the offer.

Annie-Xmas, I will definitely stay away from July 4th weekend. So this will probably work out for you.

psycat90: I hope it works out for you with the timing.

LavenderBlue & MsRobyn: We’ll see how everyone else weighs in, so far it looks like your respective schedules are the only direct conflict.


I know most of the weekends in June and July are free for me except for 16/17 and 23/24

Yeah, I understand. It’s just that we’re going to be celebrating a boatload of really good stuff with my family in Los Angeles, including my grandmother’s 80th birthday, which is the whole basis for the trip. The rest of the summer is fair game.

Ah, well. If we can’t make it, we can’t make it.


I’ll compare calendars with BiblioCat tonight, and update accordingly.

Ooh! I’d really like to be able to come! Last weekend in June is out for me, as I’ll be in Vegas. Whenever this turns out to be, I’ll be sure to try and get Moe to come (he’s living in Queens these days).

Great, I hope you all can make it.


I need a ride, as always.

Small update: it’s quite possible I’ll be in Montreal the first weekend in June.

All I need is some notice to plan it out and I will be there. I am not sure whether or not I will be in NJ or PA this summer but if I am in PA i will have to come back to Jerz in either June or July for a weekend to take care of some business. As soon as I know the date I will just plan everything for one weekend so you can count me in.