Jesus Christ! He's an Action Figure!

No, really. MonkeyMule thinks you’ll all hate me for posting it, but I figure once you see His “Walk on Water” action, you’ll want one too!

Cross not included? Screw that!

i actually have a jesus christ action figure, i left it in the car when we moved, but it usally sits on my desk, right on top of the router.

Actually, I think you´re supposed to nail it.

I have a Virgin Mary action figure. I got it at the dollar store. They also had Jesus, Moses, and Noah.

Hey, that Spear of Destiny was a sword! Rip off!

I’ve always liked my buddy’s David Koresh action figure. Just be careful not to spill the ashes when you open the box.

WTF! That’s not the spear of destiny! That’s a sword of polystyrene!

I’ll see your action figure and raise you a Baby Jesus Butt Plug - be sure to check out the haikus on the online store.

Quick update:
Our Lord and saviour has retured to his proper place on my desk.
Much better place for him than the glove box of a Jeep.

The website has apparently had so much traffic that pictures won’t load anymore.

Ah, well, for my money, there’s nothing better than the Buddy Christ anyway. :slight_smile:

There are about a half dozen Jesus action figures, I have a black one.

The gliding one I think the OP speaks of, the company also markets a Freud figure which I have and a Poe figure which I haven’t yet seen in stores

I believe that same company also markets an Einstein action figure, with crazy hair. Which is fantastic.

My Jesus is a Buddy Christ too. My girfriend gave it to me since alot of people tell me a look that.

I have a few freinds that call me Jebus  ("but i don't beleive in Jebus" & SAVE ME JEBUS!!!  -Homer Simpson)

Heh…I especially liked the quote…

Very clever…use of Manning’s name
As an aside, I crucified my G.I. Joe when I was a kid. Pipe cleaner crown of thorns, fake blood and everything. Mom was so proud, and my religon class teacher gave me an extra credit A for it.

Man, some things in life are seriously fucked-up in retrospect.

Back in the '60s there was an Odd Job figure that could fling his derby. That’d be a nice feature for Jesus with his crown of thorns like a quoit. Also, maybe he could summon the LambofGodmobile and Kristocopter by whistling through the holes in his hands. I’d give him a utility belt, too, with and endless supply of loaves and fishes.

That’s pretty hysterical. I’ve been searching to find the link that someone posted here at SDMB to some almost equally strange Jesus statues, showing Jesus playing soccer and guitar and whatnot with Good Little Kids. Does anyone remember that? A colleague of mine here at work is gobsmacked by Action Figure Jesus and I’d like to blow his mind some more.

When in doubt, refer to the fine folks at Archie McPhee’s catalog.

Pope Innocent III and Sigmund Freud action figures! Power Rangers, eat your hearts out!

My sweet little kitty loves Bobblehead Jesus.


I believe you’re searching for the Jesus Inspirational Sports Statues.