Jewelry is the gift to give

'Cause it’s the gift that’ll live and live

So give the gift you know can’t fail


Finish this holiday jingle (or add the next line) if you know what it is.

Hint: 1892 Oklahoma

… getting you a piece of tail?

I love this place

I like RotorHead’s idea.

I’ll see if I can’t the new version played on the radio at least once during the Xmas rush. :slight_smile:

You can do that?

Could you just give me Jewel instead?

Tied up with a nice ribbon.

BC Clark’s anniversary sale.

Do I get a prize? :smiley:

I’ll e-mail Jack and Ron, KYIS-FM. They seem to like my little jokes.

From time to time.

Libtagna got it.

The same jingle has been played since the 50s here in the OKC. As much a Christmas tradition as lights on your tree.

Most sales are after Christmas, but Clark’s is just before. Most everything is marked way down, savings you can’t ignore. Aaaat Oklahoma’s finest jewelers since 1892. So give the gift you know can’t fail at BC CLARK’S ANNIVERSARY SAAAAAALE.

thank you, I’ll be here all week >bows<