What does “Jick” mean to you?

I have no idea. I would assume it is the marriage of Jizz+Ick which means it is any ejaculate that lands in an icky place like the scene in “There’s Something About Mary”.

Then again, it could be a new Jazzy line of disposable pens,

Do you mean JIC, as in “just in case?”

No idea…
…until I cheated and looked it up on urbandictionary.

Maybe it’s a name combination for a couple, ala “Brangelina” or “Bennifer”, but for Jack and Jill. That’s the first thing I thought of.

It means a longhair with a penchant for pop-culture references.

Friends and I often use that exact term. That’s the first thing to come to mind when I see “jick,” and no, I’ve never heard any of the dirty meanings on urbandictionary.com.

A morning radio guy here in the Twin Cities uses “Jicky Jack” as a perjorative.

“Then the drunk Jicky Jack challenged the starting left tackle to a fight.”

The first thing I think of is the creator of Kingdom of Loathing.

In card games, euchre in particular, it is the off jack, or the jack that is the same color but not the same suit as the trump suit.

I think of Kingdom of Loathing as well… bad sign.
There, there, psycat90, you’re not alone.

I’ve never heard the word until this thread.

Stephen Malkmus’ backing band.

If I heard it, I’d think someone was referring to a brand of bleach. (Jik)

A New Zealander pronunciation of a device used for lifting cars?


Me too.

Kingdom of Loathing.

Me too

J from Jagger plus Mick minus M is what I get from Stephen Malkmus’ website.

I like the thingy from the Urban Dictionary that says its a combo of Jerk and Hick.