Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki on Family Guy?

They had a brief mention of Big Bang Theory and showed a small brief “clip” of the show on one of those little vignettes they are so well known for. Anyway, the voices sounded very, very super uncannily close to the real voices of Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki. But when I went to the IMDB page, it only listed Hugh Laurie as doing a guest voice.

Was that really them? Do they list the people who only do a cameo line or two? I have to know!

Yes, it was them. Both of their names were in the end credits.

The producers of Family Guy apparently routinely ask the people they’re parodying if they want to do their own voice. They even wrote to Bill Clinton and asked him if he wanted to voice himself. (He declined.)

The actual voice cameo I’m most surprised at is Gore Vidal. I’m guessing he’s never seen an episode of the show and probably did so to humor his publicist.

Roy Scheider’s surprised me. He was supposedly hosting an instructional video on how to use a toilet.

I was disappointed that Jeremy Irons didn’t do his own cereal commercial. “If you expect a prize at the bottom of the box, you will be disappointed. There is no prize - just more cardboard.”

My favorite cameo was Dick Van Patten playing himself when the Griffins were watching an episode of “Eight is Enough”. I’ve always wondered if he knew his cartoon persona wound up slapping one of his daughters.

That was really Hugh Laurie? I knew the others were real but his didn’t even sound right to me.

Yeppers. Most people don’t realize that Hugh Laurie was a huge comedic force in England before coming here to branch out, most notably, the dramatic curmudgeon Dr. Gregory House. He likes to play with voices and be funny. He probably jumped at the chance to do something like this.

Oh I’m a huge Hugh Laurie fan, I just thought someone else was doing his fake accent.