JK Rowling to write new book. (not HP sieries)


4-1 its about Teddy Lupin.

I’d take that bet, AK84. I’m sure she loves the Harry Potter universe and all, but I’m pretty sure she’s sick of it by now and wants to branch out.

I’ve been really wanting to see her write something not HP.

I remember hearing a while back that Rowling had said she was interested in writing a mystery.

Reminded me of this really old The Onion article.
“But Ms. Rowling was tired of devoting herself to something that no longer held her interest—namely, writing books about wizards, flying broomsticks, and candy that jumps. She’s a lot older than she was when she wrote the first book. She’d much rather be going to the mall, looking for cute outfits, and talking to the boy with the curly red hair who works at the Hot Sam pretzel shop.”*

I thought she had said she was going to write something under a new pen name, but I guess her agent and publisher are breathing a sigh of relief that this is not the case.