Joan Rivers storms out of CNN interview

I watched this entire interview, and there was no tension between Rivers and the interviewer, Fredricka Whitfield. They talked about Rivers’ new book, cosmetic surgery, dishing celebrities’ wardrobes, bringing humor into people’s lives, moving from one topic to another, without problem. Until Whitfield mentioned some recent protests from PITA, about the book’s cover photo, in which Rivers is wearing a fur. At that point, Rivers made the interview personal, lashing out at Whitfield and storming out. Apparently still wearing the mike, she continued her tirade with some choice 4-letter words. Like her viewers, the journalist kept her cool, initially thinking it was a gag. It wasn’t.

Here’s the latter part of the interview. The rant begins at 1:56.

She’s 81 at the moment. She has said a few odd things over the past couple of years. Joan Rivers - Wikipedia

What bothers me the most about this is Rivers’ hypocrisy. She’s allowed to say whatever she wants about any celebrity, and they’re supposed to take it because they make a lot of money. On the other hand, an interviewer is not allowed to ask Joan Rivers about a controversy. I guess it’s because Rivers isn’t rich and famous.

I have never liked Joan Rivers. Her puerile brand of “humor” involves little more than making nasty comments about people in the public eye. She appeals to the envious and to the small-minded. She defends herself by claiming she’s only saying what people are already saying or thinking. I can only speak for myself - I don’t say or think the kind of crap that spills from her mouth. One of her favorite ploys when one of her “jokes” makes the audience gasp in shock is to say, “Oh, grow up!” I’ve been more grown-up than her since I was ten.

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Apparently Flatbread people HATE furs.

If memory serves, I don’t think she developed this brand of humor until after the post Carson days.

I mean heck, she only became a fashionista in the first place because that was the only gig paying at the time.

Or at least that’s how I remember it.

The point is still valid; If you’re gonna dish it out you gotta learn to take it too.
She craps all over anyone she can and then acts indignant if she’s treated with anything less than kid gloves.

I don’t disagree, but before when I’ve seen incidents like this, the reporter agrees before hand not to ask about X in order to land the interview. Then, when they get them in the studio, they renege on their deal and ask about X.

I don’t know if that’s what happened here, but if it is, it’s a shitty thing to do.

I’ll use this thread as an excuse to trot out my favorite Joan Rivers line.

Several years ago she was involved in a minor car accident when her limo was rear-ended. She was unsurprisingly quite angry.

David Letterman: “You should have seen the face she wanted to make.”

Even in her hay day her act was mostly, “Oh, grow up!”, “It’s a joke!”, or awful self deprecating humour, it was always harsh and a little base. And it hasn’t aged well!

She’s a has been, who’s had a good run, but should probably have stepped off a couple of years ago!

That crazy old coot is losing it. Wasn’t it in just the last week she also called Michelle Obama a tranny? She didn’t appear to be joking even a little bit.

In her prime, she was a great comedienne. Now, she’s just a nutty old lady with a mean streak a mile wide. Time for her to retire.

It bothers me on Fashion Police where she mostly remains silent while the others dissect a celebrity’s outfit, and when the camera is pointed at her, it’s like she gets the signal to blurt out some rude, crude “outrageous” statement (obviously pre-written). It must take ages to tape an episode of FP. I think she is, therefore, definitely losing her faculties. On her own as on this CNN thing, without a minder? - it’s becoming quite obvious.

They’re right. Fur and flatbread taste disgusting together.

It’s mighty rich to hear Joan Rivers get upset at someone for being negative. I wonder if she’s defensive because it seems like public opinion is swinging against her a bit, but maybe I’m just tired of her act. I was never a fan and these days she seems to just keep ramping it up and up in a desperate bid for attention. In that interview she sounds almost allergic to self-reflection.

Her show’s writers have been on strike for a while because their pay is crap and she doesn’t support them (or seem to care about anyone else). That’s gross on its own, but I thought this seems relevant here:

So maybe being asked about this stuff brought up that fear for her. The questions weren’t out of line, but asking Joan Rivers about “controversies” is kind of stupid. Outrageous comments are her entire act and everybody who is even vaguely familiar with her recent work knows that. Ask her about any of those controversies and she’s just going to say she doesn’t care and fire off another one-liner.

Good point that many seem to be making. At 81, it appears her mental health isn’t quite as good as it needs to be. Her daughter needs to rein her in and have more control over her.

It first started when a reporter asked if we would ever have a gay president. She said we already have one, and that Michelle was a tranny. Again at her age, I think her mental faculties is declining to where she’s not sure what’s a joke and what is true on certain matters, anymore, this being one of them, and it’s also more difficult for us to figure it out anymore either on how to take her. View the second video and see if you can decide if she is telling it as a joke or is serious.

I’d just assume that’s a joke because it’s indistinguishable from what she says in her act.

I have met Joan Rivers and I’m sorry to say this, but I found her to be a truly nasty, mean spirited person.

I once had a very telling encounter with her and I’m certain that I wrote a post telling the story. It was not an experience that I would like to tell people about again.

If anyone can find that story, you are all quite welcome to post a link here about it. I apologize that I just don’t think it’s worth the time or trouble to hunt for that post and post a link to it here.

I’m sorry but I honestly just don’t think it is worth the trouble to do that. I found her to be a truly mean person and someone you would really not want to know. What a bitch!

To summarize my experience, she was very happy to make someone appear to be quite foolish.

I fully expect one day to read a headline that says Joan Rivers opened up her big stupid mouth and insulted someone who, in turn, shot and killed her. That may not happen. But if it does, I would not be the least bit surprised.

I got curious and found the post, and… she sounds nice enough.

I think she’s sharp as a tack and deliberately stokes controversy for the publicity involved, to sell books and draw viewers. I don’t doubt that she’s hard-edged and insecure; to me, those are defining characteristics of a professional comedian.

I actually agree with her that she did seem to be on the defensive that entire clip that you posted. Her reaction was stupid though.

Joan Rivers is a mean-spirited bitch and always has been. Dishonest as hell too. Witness her claim in that interview that she only makes fun of what people are wearing. Utter horseshit. She’s made vicious fun of people themselves all her life and certainly continues to do so now. She also made quite a second career for herself as the woman Johnny Carson famously hung up on and never spoke to again after she started her own show. But according to Fred de Cordova she tried to hire him and other members of his production staff away from Carson to go to work on her own new talk show…this after Carson gave her her first big break and then made her his more or less permanent guest host. She’s a rotten bitch through and through.

Having said that, here’s my favorite JR line from Fashion Police:

“Look at Jennifer Lopez! Doesn’t she look great? That’s one thing you can always say about Jennifer Lopez - she always looks like a movie star…except when she’s in movies.”