Job advice needed.

Ok, so I needed a 2nd job. Money’s tight, and I’m about to start college (No problem as soon as I get my scholarship check… about 17xx dollars after everything’s paid for. Need money now. Ok, so I go down to Burger King, thinking that I’ll apply, get hired due to my great McExperience. Whaddya know, in less than 24 hours, I’m hired. I started today. Now, the store manager tells me that I’ve been probably the best new hire she’s ever had. I had the registers down in less than 10 minutes, without a single mistake my whole shift. When I didn’t have orders, I was able to seamlessly glide over to the drive through and bag up stuff, etc. All normal stuff.

Now I have to quit in 2 weeks. Moving to college, etc. In my own defense, they didn’t ask me where I was going to college. Only cared that I had my HS diploma. The problem is that I get along with everyone really well already (Even the store manager! Success!) and I don’t know how to tell them I’m leaving in 11 days.

I still will have to give them my uniform, and there’ll be a check waiting for me after I leave (Mom’s gonna deposit it for me so I can take it out with an atm card)

Should I tell them now and risk them being mad at me and cutting my hours until then?

Or should I quit with no notice when I leave, thus making them mad at me for leaving and being a good employee, etc., when I hope to (maybe) come back for the breaks (summer and winter)? And if so, what should my excuse be and when should I give them my uniform? (I’m thinking the Friday before I leave, and saying that I couldn’t handle 2 jobs at once, without ever mentioning college)

Your opinions?

Aren’t you in some kind of probationary period? Usually seen it last 30 or 60 days, where you can be dismissed without reason? If so, it goes both ways - you can fire them.

But I would just be honest. No sense in burning bridges this early in your life.

Ex-Burger King employee checking in.

Tell your boss as soon as posible. You never know when staying on his good side may come in handy. As for when to hand in your uniform… I have no idea. I still have mine :slight_smile:

Depending on which state, he can quit or be fired at any time for no cause in at-will employment states.

Well, you’re in a bad position. If you knew you needed a job for a short period, you should have been up front with it.

I would say that if your biggest priority is the money, quit without notice. This will preclude coming back to work there at some companies.

If your biggest priority is the proposition for future employment, give notice but if they cut your hours or release you early (by hiring someone else, perhaps) don’t be surprised.

Oh who gives a shit? It’s freakin Burger King and you are going to college. You should never need to work at one again so it doesn’t matter what you do. Do you think the fact that I lied to the Stop & Shop deli about going to college at the end of the summer over ten years ago carries any weight? Does the fact that I got fired from an I Can’t Believe it’s Yogurt for telling the boss to fuck herself hurt my career? Of course not.

Give two weeks notice of your impending departure, if you still can. Leave with it all intact.

And it wouldn’t hurt to let them know you liked it a bit.

If you care enough to post for advice…you care. Be upfront and tell your boss you will be leaving. I’m thinking your gut told you that before you posted :slight_smile:

And always trust your gut.

Honesty is the best policy. Just let the manager know your going to school.

But I really wouldn’t worry about it. If you need the money and are worried they will cut hours or let you go (I can’t see them doing this if you really are a good employee. They will use you while they can), then just tell her at the end of shift the last day. Because really, this is absolutly true:

Even if you wanted a job there next summer, that manager will be long gone!

Well, I think I’m gonna wait until schedules for next week are posted, and then bring it up in conversation, instead of saying "Hey Rachel! You hired me!

Remember, when they need to replace you, it’ll take 24 hours. Just like last time.

Don’t feel bad, just tell your manager the truth about your departure.

And don’t forget my ketchups, peon.