Job Apptitude

Are they any job apptitude tets online? I ask because my husband, who is very intelligent and talented, has always avoided talking about the future or making long term goals. I know what I"m going to do with the rest of my life (or I have an idea at least) but he doesn’t know, and as a result, does not even want to start school.
One of the major problems is, he doesn’t doesn’t know what exactly he wants for a career. I’ve tried to encourage him to just do what he loves (art, writing, and computer stuff) but he doesn’t think he’s talented or smart enough. (He’s wrong). So, I’m trying to find a starting point for him.

Also, any artists in the house? Would you reccomend somebody major in Art, or just to run run run away to something more “steady” like business management?

Companies give two test frequently:

One is a business language arts test and the other is a typing test.

Google gives results for both.

To find out where you belong career-wise:

Some links on the left.

‘job aptitude tests’; in google

freebie it seems:

As someone with a bachelor of business administration, I’m telling you, if he doesn’t want to go to business school, don’t bother. It’s extremely boring if you don’t like economics, accounting and finance (I loved finance; hated accounting). Business is just not a very exciting degree.

The simple truth is, your husband won’t complete college if he doesn’t want to go. Even you aren’t enough incentive. It’s something only he can do (like losing weight or quitting smoking is something that only happens when the person doing it wants it bad enough).