Joe Biden congratulates the wrong guy for winning the Boston mayoral election

From here:

Anyone else picture Biden, flying up the B-W Parkway in his Trans Am, Marlboro red between his lips, half-empty can of High Life between his knees, Foghat blasting from the tape deck and making this call to the wrong Marty Walsh?

I love our vice president! And I love the Onion for making him so real.

I’m just annoyed that the Marty Walsh I know (very slightly) in Boston never got a phone call.

Shouldn’t there be a separate forum for him. Mundane Biden Stuff I Must Share?

Aw, cut the dude some slack, youse guyz. He’s not a technology geek!

This isn’t the guy who invented [del]paper clips[/del] the Internet, here.

From what I heard on the news last night, Biden wasn’t the only guy making that mistake.

Not to mention the various not-that-Rob-Ford dudes on Twitter who get harassed every time that asshole crack-smoking criminal-associating mayor puts his foot in something.

My favorite is “Obama Issues Presidential Pardon To Get Biden Out Of Jail For Third Time This Year”.