Joe Millionaire Ending Spoiler

Not sure if this is true or not but just thought I’d sure this supposed spoiler picked up from MSNBC.

[spoiler]“Evan is not alone on the show! His identical twin brother Ethan is also on there! Basically, they each had an equal say picking girls right down to the last two. They split up the dates at first, and then dated the girls they themselves had picked.

   “Evan picked the wild Sara, while Ethan loves the quiet, gentle Zora. SOOO…on the last episode, Evan sees Zora first, rejects her, then leaves. Then you see Ethan (who u think is Evan) talking to Sara and reject her. Now youre thinking what the heck! THEN, they bring both girls in together and both brothers come out and explain the whole mess. 
   “They tell them they are not rich, and of course, Sara isn’t impressed but Zora is relieved. THEN, Paul comes in and tells ALL of them that he IS a millionaire, and that both boys will be receiveing 1 million each!!! Too bad Sara already walked out!!!!”[/spoiler]

If it is true then its lamer than I really thought. Glad I didn’t watch any of the show.

This has been done before. Sorta. :smiley:

And then Evan’s head splits open and a tiny alien flies out.

In an old Superman comic from my youth, Superman was split into two identical beings. One Superman married Lois and flew off with her to New Krypton, while the other Superman married Lana and stayed here on earth.

This makes about as much sense.

That “spoiler” came from some random person’s 'blog and was just printed in the article because it was funny.


Actually Superman Red/ Superman Blue made more sense.