John Cleese Live Coming to a Town Near You

Heads up to Python fans. Cleese live includes a screening of Holy Grail, stories and an audience Q and A.

Dates announced only for the Northeast thus far.

We sawCleese and Idlelast year. It was a lot of fun.

I saw it a couple years ago. It was just him on a stage talking but I laughed the entire time!

He came back again not too long after, this time to Cleveland (I saw him in Akron) and his show was during the Indians’ playoff series. It was not well-attended (because of baseball and because we’d all just seen him) and he was pretty chuffed. I don’t think he’ll be coming back to NE Ohio again :slight_smile:

Chuffed means proud or delighted.

Saw him (and the movie) last fall in KC. Lots of fun. I enjoyed his edited version of the ending of Holy Grail. The only disappointing thing was the “Q&A”. I thought it was going to be an interactive audience Q&A but it just turned out to be him talking with some local morning show celebrity for an hour.

Oh! Haha oops :slight_smile:

Same here. Really liked the biographical and historical section. That was more fun than the same old skits. But liked the new skits, especially the jokes about Cleese’s divorces and certain really boring travel programs.

They’d done earlier shows in FL and one of the submitted questions was How did it feel to be the youngest people in Venice.

I saw him in May here in CA. The Q&A segment was him and his delightful daughter answering questions submitted before the show. They did it that way because audience members asking him questions are too polite to him. She certainly is not.

I also saw him last year. He is cranky and very politically incorrect (loves ethnic jokes) but also hilarious and insightful. The Q&A was with some comic/podcaster I never heard of who had a mix of pre-written audience questions and some of his own.

I saw him last fall at the Tower Theatre in (actually just outside of) Philadelphia. The movie sound was awful and the interview answers seemed a bit too planned, but still we laughed and had a great time. Who needs to hear the movie when you can recite almost every bit of dialogue?

Best line (that may not have been used in other venues): He talked about how he likes to visit our city and observe how people move around. This, he said, made him the Minister of Philly Walks!

For someone who constantly bitched and whined about not wanting to spend his entire life ‘working,’ he certainly seems to have done a truly shitty job about keeping a good handle on his finances, which is even funnier seeing as he graduated from the oh so prestigious Oxford University.

Yet another pathetic money grab, but he probably STILL owes alimony to at least 2 ex wives.

Nice post/username combo. :thumbup:

He came to my town about a year and a half ago with a screening of Holy Grail followed by a Q&A.

There was much rejoicing, without sacrificing any minstrels.

We saw them in Pasadena about 3 days after the election. Great show, with some rather pointed commentary.

Cleese went to Cambridge.

You are not making any an insightful observations. He literally called his shows “The Alimony Tour” a couple of years ago. His reasons for still working are widely publicized and in no way sugarcoated by him.

I’m not sure why you are taking pleasure from the fact that he is still working. No matter, it works out for the rest of us that get to be entertained.

We saw Eric Idle on a similar tour year ago and loved it. I hope he makes it to Milwaukee or Madison.


Textual Assault, I’m not seeing any discussion in this thread about Cleese’s finances, his work ethic, or his matrimonial history. If you do not have anything to contribute to the topic of a thread, then stay out.

Maybe I can still get a full set of autographs. Got Chapman’s and Gilliam’s, who would probably be difficult to get these days…

Terry G’s fine. It’s Terry Jones that’d be more difficult, unfortunately :frowning: