John Kyl to replace John McCain

Breaking news, good choice.

Since he’s bound to nominate a Republican, he really had no opportunity to make a good choice. But I suppose he could have picked Arpaio, so there’s that.

Aye: at least it’s not Arpaio.

Has Kyl ever done anything to dispel an image as a party hack?

That said, yes, he won’t be notably embarrassing to his party. That’s about all we can expect from them these days.

Good, another vote for Justice Kavanaugh.

That’s good … why exactly?

Jon Kyl. No “h”.

No surprise, really. I didn’t expect anything other than a loyal Republican. The interesting part will be when he’s up for re-election.

I doubt that he needs more votes. :slight_smile:

Wikipedia says, “At a press conferenece accepting the appointment, he announced that he would serve at least until the end of the 115th United States Congress, and that he would not seek election in the 2020 special election.”

He won’t be up for re-election.

According to this article (Former U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl will be John McCain’s successor in the U.S. Senate), he might only stick around until December.

That seems weird. I guess Kyl might just step in for SCOTUS confirmation duties while Ducey searches for a better long term solution.

That gives Ducey the opportunity to appoint McSally, on his way out the door, after she loses the other seat to Sinema. That gives the party a better chance of retaining the McCain seat in 2020.

Wait, are you under the impression that John McCain would not have voted to confirm Kavanaugh??

I’m under the impression he was too sick to make the journey. If he’d been healthy, I suspect he would have.

McCain had not been in Washington to cast a vote since last December. Assuming a straight party line vote, it would have been 50-49 for Kavanaugh. If a single Republican defected, the vote would then have been 50-49 against Kavanaugh, dooming his nomination.

Now, assuming a straight party line vote, it is 51-49 for Kavanaugh. With only a single Republican defection, the vote is 50-50 and Pence can break the tie to confirm Kavanaugh.

It gives Kav an extra vote.

Is he intended to be a factual senator?

So, I guess this is step one in the Ducey for Senate 2020 campaign.

Will Kyl continue to run Facebook’s alleged review of its bias against conservatives?

Yes, Kyl will be a real senator. However, appointed Senators don’t fill out the rest of the 6 year term, they only serve until the next general election, which happens ever two years. You might have heard that 2018 is an election year, so why don’t we just put the replacement Senate seat on the ballot? The problem is that McCain died too late for that to happen. If he had died a few months earlier then there would have been an election, but the deadline had already passed.

So whoever gets appointed will serve until 2020 when the next election is scheduled. There’s some talk about Kyl resigning before then, in which case the governor will just appoint a new replacement. But once Kyl is appointed, he’s a real senator.

‘Not intended to be a factual Senator’ is a play on words from when Kyl lied and said that 90% of Planned Parenthood’s work was abortions. Kyl claimed his statement was, ‘Not intended to be a factual statement.’