John Rocker and the Braves

So i have been a Braves fan for as long as I can remember. I love baseball above all other sports and I love the Braves. I have several Braves hats, shirts, ect. In any case I was wearing one of my hats when I walked into a convience store yesterday, I was buying milk. As I stood in line there were two guys in front of me who were of a minority race. When they saw my hat they turned and started spouting profanities at me, calling me a racist. Huh ? Wait ! I think Rocker is a great relief pitcher, good fastball - but I do not agree with his views. So, by wearing a Braves hat am I now to be yelled at and put under suspiscion of having the same views as him ? Part of this is that dumbass Rockers fault, but it seems a big jump to go from Rocker = racist to Braves fan = racist. Did I miss something ? Are Braves hats now a secret sign of white supremicists ? What a county, the guy can have his views, though I may not agree with them - but now I can’t wear any Braves stuff for fear of retribution. Perhaps I should become a Yankees fan, seems everyone else has.

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Did you hear that Twisted Sister has asked the Braves management not to play their song “I Wanna Rock” when Rocker comes onto the field?

As good an athelete as he is, I hope he’s out of professional sports soon. There’s enough plain jerks in sports as it is; we don’t need a flaming racist.

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Gabriel - Nope, you can’t be a Yankees fan. After all they have Darryl Strawberry, so you will immediately be a crack addict.

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Those people were fucking idiots, if this indeed did happen.

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By “racist” they meant “making broad negative generalizations about a group of people based on the actions of a small minority of that group,” right??

And it’s not so bad being a Yanks fan, but only if you were born in one of the five boroughs. Going off on a tangent, there’s this kid in my school who wears both a Yankee jersey and an Indians jersey (not at the same time). This offends me as a Yankees fan. You can like the Yanks and like a couple of other teams (like, say, the Mets), but there are a couple that are off-limits. The Red Sox (that’s a natural fact), the Indians, the Orioles, to name a few. Any National League team is pretty much alright, except the Braves and Dodgers.

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A word of warning- nasty, visceral, angry reactions occur when people find out you’re a Yankees fan, as well. If you’re planning to switch, keep your mouth shut about it should you ever venture to the Baltimore-D.C. area. We do not take prisoners.

Remember- there was an entire musical based on the idea of a Washingtonian willing to sell his soul in the hopes of watching the Yankees lose. This is not nearly as far-fetched as it seems.


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I’m sorry those guys gave you such a hard time Gabriel, there are jerks everywhere, and they don’t have to think much to find a reason to make fun of somebody else. I live in Atlanta, and while what John Rocker did showed how ignorant he actually is, I have to wonder at the amount of publicity he has received.

I would get rid of him, personally, but to most teams a good player is wanted regardless, and might even attract more fans (and foes) to the games hiking revenues even more.

Don’t lose your hat, or your loyalty for the team because of jerks, they aren’t worth it.

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Satan - yup it happened, despite the fact that I may have no life (I am in radio after all) if I were to make up a story it would likely involve Britney Spears finding me very attractive. (“Just don’t sing baby”.)
Oh and PS, you would be amazed at the amount of Yankee fans we have way down here in NC, why they must have tripled in the last two years. Stunning eh ?

(BTW today I am wearing a Broncos hat, don’t think Elway did anything stupid lately.)

“Solos Dios basta” . . . but a little pizza won’t hurt.

I’m a die-hard braves fan, too. I wouldn’t let it upset me. All through the years pro players of all sports have said ignorant things to the press…it’ll be forgotten as soon as the next one says something. No reason to switch teams because of that.

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As a Yankee fan with The Bronx on his birth certificate, i can say that I also hate th Braves, but racism has nothing to do with it!

Oh wait, I’m sorry… I meant the TWO-TIME DEFENDING WORLD CHAMPION Yankees. My bad…

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Yeah, that racist Rocker has me so mad, I can’t even tomahawk chop!!! (stolen from The Onion)

LOL. Guess it’s okay to slag native americans, but New Yorker minorities are off limits. Funny country we have here.


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