Jsgoddess and the Flying Hamper of Doom

It didn’t seem like a bad idea, despite the warning that came with the pop-up hamper. “Warning: Hamper is spring-loaded and may release suddenly.”

I read the words. I did. Intellectually, I knew what they meant.

In practice, however, I put the collapsed pop-up hamper on the bed. Cats Cosmo, Isaac, and Dickens sat on the perimeter of the hamper, in a semi-circle of kitty intrigue.

The hamper was held in check by two toggles. Unaware of the mayhem I was about to cause, I nonchalantly released the right-hand toggle.

What followed was a blur of hamper, cats, Julie, socks, bedspread, ceiling fixture, cat hair, eyeglasses, books, and Puffs plus lotion with menthol-y Vicks goodness. The hamper shot across the room. The cats set high jump records. I smacked myself in the head. A sock somehow dangled from the ceiling light.

The hamper now sits serenely next to the dresser. Each cat hisses while passing by, but the hamper is unconcerned.

I left the sock where it was. I consider it art.

I know anything involving involving a blur of cats and Puffs plus lotion with menthol-y Vicks goodness shouldn’t be funny. And I know I shouldn’t be laughing…but*…:::snicker:::*

Curiosity and cats, will they never learn?
So, where can I get one of those things?

I keep seeing those hampers for sale on the ends of the aisle at the local supermarket.

I see them and think “looks neat but I already have a hamper.”

However, one can NEVER have too many Pop Up Doggy Surprise Toys. I may have to get one now…

Acme, duh!

Hampers, cats, or jsgoddesses?

I think I got mine at K-Mart. Uh, the hamper that is.

You managed to make a Vicks spring-sock hamper catapult using common household items… and pets!

jsgoddess, you’re like a kickass version of MacGyver.

Oh come on, this is the definition of funny.:slight_smile:

I’m just sitting here giggling, trying to stay quiet so my coworkers won’t think I’ve gone insane.

Oh my, that’s funny. Mind picture well painted.

I can’t help but laugh too. That makes my morning heart attack sound boring. Somehow one of the littlest cats managed to crawl up my dresser behind the drawers and when I opened my sock drawer he jumped out in my face, but no vicks, no socks, lotion, flying socks or ceiling fixtures were involved.

I think I would have been more startled by Karyn and When Kittens Attack! than by my hamper. :smiley:

God help me, I can imagine it and I’m giggling like a mad fool.

jsgoddess, I’ve been feeling sorry for myself today. You just made me laugh. Thank you sooo very much.

I didn’t see him for a few hours and I still can’t figure out how he got his head through that tiny little space but he was pretty lucky that I put socks on early today. He wasn’t meowing so I think he was taking a nap in there and I startled him as much as he startled me.

Next time wait until there’s a cat on the lid before you launch

jsgoddess fun
flying cats - hamper of doom
approach with caution

now i’m going to have to get a flying hamper of doom. i’ve got cats, lighting fixtures, socks, and puffs plus.

just a bit ago i was thinking i need some sort of surprize pop up thing to confuse the cats. i should have known to look in the sdmb and not the cat toy catalog.

I don’t know why, but my mind pictured the cats *inside *the hamper, then shot in all directions like feline cannonballs. Poor kitties.

I must have something around here that could be used as a cat launcher. They’d love it. Or maybe not but it would be entertaining as long as it was a short launch.

My oldest cat often sleeps inside the dryer after the laundry comes out and it’s still warm in there. It’s just so tempting…

Too bad there is no vid. That would get huge hits on Youtube!