Julia Nunes sings "Runaround Sue"

I stumbled across this gem on YouTube today. That is a very talented young lady, and it sure doesn’t hurt that she’s cute as a button, too. To my surprise, a board search for her name didn’t turn up anything; so here goes.

That was fun! I’d never heard of her. I’ma gonna look for more.

Yeah, she’s fun to listen to.

She had a kickstarter project to release an album a little while ago. Linky.

My ex-girlfriend bought one.

Baby it’s cold outside Don’t judge me! :wink:

Julia Nunes is cute as a bug, fun to listen to, always having a blast, and extremely talented.

But, but, but…is she a hipster? Or am I in the wrong thread?

she’s vastly overrated.

Cute, talented, and entertaining doesn’t seem to qualify as overrated to me.

Based on this one single video, her voice isn’t really different from quite a number of people I know. And singing all the parts is nothing new. The only thing different about her seems to be extremely quick cuts, and the fact that her voice is lower than usual for people who do these things.

if people are treating her like she’s something special, and not just their favorite out of the large number of YouTubers who do this, then, yeah, I’d say she’s overrated. Again, based on that one song–I reserve the right to change my opinion if y’all can give me a more standout song.

I mean, there’s so many of these on YouTube that I know there is a term for these type of videos: I just can’t think of it. I want to say a YouTube rerecord, but that doesn’t seem quite right. I’m pretty sure there’s a term that doesn’t need the YouTube qualifier.

Yes. Those actually are the things that made her work stand out for me. And, even more important, she seems to be enjoying herself immensely. I don’t usually get that impression from the ethereal daydreamer types GovernmentMan prefers.

I don’t know exactly how to respond. The fact that others may be cute, talented, or entertaining wouldn’t make her overrated. I didn’t see anything in this thread that pushed her to a higher level than that.

I think her videos are more involved than a typical YouTube posting. She is singing multiple voices and playing multiple instruments, and the editing necessary for all those quick cuts is substantial. The sound is good, and although the camera is so close as to enlarge her nose, that may be intentional. Color me impressed by an amateur effort like this.

I made it about 15 seconds in before I had to close the window.

If you watch several of her videos she shows a good range of instruments and singing styles. There is a reason she’s gotten professional singing work. I think this very short song that she wrote shows more maturity than just lighthearted covers of fun pop songs:


Well, considering your musical preferences, that is hardly surprising.


I actually like a wide variety of music, but as a rule I don’t care for most female singers.