Julian Lennon's "Much Too Late For Goodbye."

So it seems like this song is back in the rotation on the “Best hits of the 70s, 80s, and 90s,” radio stations. I had forgotten how much I love this song. So, my wife and I were discussing the video for this song.

I distinctly remember Julian sitting in an empty theater watching vaudvillian acts perform before him. I remember a vetriloquist’s dummy singing the song along with him.

My wife remembers a whole different video altogether. Something about him sitting in an apartment as various famous people enter and do weird things, and then leave.

Who remembers this video well enough to describe it?

This isn’t going to help, but the version I remember is Julian singing while a mime (or some kind of performer) keeps popping up into lighted doorways, gesturing, and then moving away again.

Exapno Mapcase describes the video as I remember it. The guy who keeps appearing in the doorway was some interpretive dance artist who (IIRC) died shortly after the video was filmed.

The video that your wife remembers, Chicago Faucet, was for a different song entirely, one called Stick Around. Celebrities making an appearance included Michael J. Fox and Joe Piscopo, each of whom popped in and them disappeared, along with Julian’s latest girlfriend.

I remember the empty theater, but I couldn’t tell you what else was going on.

Ok, I’m not a huge Julian Lennon fan (although he is my Lennon of choice) but…

I just saw this video on “We are the 80’s” and it’s for a song called “Now you’re in heaven”.

Now, he may have a video that is similar for another song, I don’t know.

Here is a link for the videos. I don’t have netscape so I can’t see them.


Scuze me? You put him above John Lennon?


I don’t personally care for the Beatles nor John’s solo work.

Would I say Julian is more talented? Nope.

But I would infinetely prefer to pop in a Julian CD over a John one.

Wow. I just watched both clips, and is it just me or was the budget on Now You’re In Heaven much larger than the one for Too Late For Goodbyes, where apparently they couldn’t even afford an actual harmonica.

I don’t remember the video at all but I’ll say this… since seeing this thread title at work earlier, I’ve had this song in my head all evening.


I remember the video for “Valotte” showed this whisker-faced guy several times during the video. Never got what that was all about.

“Too Late for Goodbyes” was featured on “Pop-Up Videos” back in the day, and one point they made was that Lennon had very little patience for miming for his videos, hence the deliberately “fake” harmonica break.