July 11, 2024—a date which will live in (what's left of) democracy

That and you also have Trump’s bulk to deal with, and maybe the weird adrenaline strength crazy people get.

And even an out of shape older man might be stronger than a smaller woman who works out.

… and that’s no Shiitake…

I’m picturing a woman fighting off an orange bean-bag chair…

I think that the Supreme Court might soon discover the downside of their complete and utter disregard for precedent. Most of the Court’s power isn’t in the cases themselves that they decide, but in the precedent that they set for other cases. But if the Supreme Court is ignoring precedent, then so will other courts. And so, on any specific case that the Supreme Court has not yet personally ruled on, they have no power at all.

They have not yet ruled on this specific case.

A slimy, squirming 250 pound orange bean bag chair that fell on her.

Yeah, my wife is in good shape, but I’ve got 100 lbs on her. No one would ever catch her if she flees, that’s for sure. But if the door was blocked by a security guard that won’t work.

A true story - My female cousin of average strength and abilities at the time, pulled up a perfect right hook to an intruder that broke into her apartment. Broke his jaw.

That guy went to the cops (bad move). Cousin was arrested, and the judge apologized to my cousin. Intruder went to jail.

And so the date came and went, and he’s still not sentenced, and probably never will be.

A delay was allowed. Now Sept 18th.

They are giving Trump and his ‘team’ all the leeway they can. This will help with the ultimate appeals. I think.

And as frustrating as it is to see this delayed, a sentence just before the election could be devastating.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not familiar with the intricacies of sentencing procedures, and it’s possible this was explained at the time he was convicted, but why was the sentencing delayed in the first place?

Sentencing takes place after the Probation Department or similar agency has interviewed the defendant and investigated his background, any previous criminal record, employment history, family and community ties, etc., and provided a report to the prosecution and defense, which can file objections to any findings they feel are unwarranted. The report and objections go to the trial judge, who takes all that into account as well as any sentencing guidelines, the statutory penalties, and any other factors s/he considers relevant to determining the sentence. Then a sentencing hearing is held, prosecution and defense get a chance to argue their positions, the defendant may but is not required to address the court, and the judge hands down the sentence. The whole process takes maybe a month or so.

The further delay in Trump’s sentencing comes from the Supreme Court’s immunity decision, to allow both sides to present legal arguments on why/why not that should affect the case, first through written arguments (briefs), then in oral argument. Then the judge decides that issue, and does or does not go on to the sentencing.

All of which would, under ordinary circumstances, be handled in an appeal, and the convict would be in prison awaiting both the sentencing and (assuming the sentence included more time than was spent waiting for the sentencing) awaiting the appeal.

In short, the convict should have been locked up for the past month.

As I write this (5:50PM Central time on July 13th), Trump is probably WISHING he’d been sentenced, having just been shot at, at a Pennsylvania rally.

This reminds me of how Trump didn’t fit the New York State definition of a rapist because the definition at the time require penetration by the penis and Trump does not have enough of a penis to accomplish this standing up. From Stormy’s description of events, it sounds like Trump basically humped her thighs for a mercifully short amount of time and then told her it was the best sex he’d ever had. If he actually packed the gear for it, it would have been an assault. But since Trump doesn’t, Stormy was just confused.

As regards casting couches, I am pretty sure in the adult film industry that is only ever something that happens as part of a scripted scene. When adult film stars are actually negotiating what they will and will not do, there is paperwork involved. This may have changed from looser standards over the years but I’m under the impression that any reputable porn producer does things strictly by the book.