July 2020 Swing State Confidence Pool

Consider these 15 swing states/districts:

Maine CD-02
Nebraska CD-02
New Hampshire
North Carolina

For each of these choose whether the will go D or R in the 2020 presidential election, and then assign a confidence value from 1 to 15 to each. Each confidence value must be used exactly once. Points in the amount of the confidence value will be awarded for correct guesses and incorrect guesses will earn zero points i.e. assign 15 points to the race where you are most confident of the outcome and 1 point to the race where you are least confident. The total number of points earned will be used to rank entries from best to worst.

My entry (subject to change, see below) looks like this…

Race Party Confidence
Arizona D 6
Florida D 7
Georgia R 1
Iowa R 3
Maine D 15
Maine CD-02 R 5
Michigan D 12
Minnesota D 14
Nebraska CD-02 D 11
New Hampshire D 13
North Carolina D 4
Ohio R 2
Pennsylvania D 10
Texas R 8
Wisconsin D 9

Entries will be accepted until July 31, 11:59:59 PM CDT. To enter, just post in this thread. Entires can be updated by posting again before the deadline. Most recent pre-deadline post will be the official entry.

Per board rules there is no prize, monetary or otherwise, for winning this competition.

May thread
June thread

About a week remains to enter. Less than 15 weeks to E-day.

Here it is:

AZ D 5
FL D 1
GA R 7
IA R 10
ME D 14
ME-02 R 2
MI D 6
MN D 12
NE-02 D 8
NH D 13
NC R 3
OH R 11
PA D 9
TX R 15
WI D 4

In terms of R vs. D, we disagree only on North Carolina.

Anybody else?

Accepting entries until 11:59:59 PM CT on Friday.

Arizona: D 5
Florida: D 3
Georgia: R 10
Iowa: R 6
Maine: D 11
Maine CD-02: D 7
Michigan: D 14
Minnesota: D 15
Nebraska CD-02: R 9
New Hampshire: D 13
North Carolina: D 2
Ohio: R 1
Pennsylvania: D 12
Texas: R 4
Wisconsin: D 8

Get it in. Get it in. Get it in.

4 hours remains.

Results of July contest.

Name Month Score Hits Misses
JKellyMap July 112 13 2
Lance_Turbo July 108 12 3
Kolak_of_Twilo July 89 10 5