Just a few words

Stop farting averuwhere!!!

Wow. Some of those words weren’t even words.

Sorry I was farting while typing the message…

I know! :eek: :eek: :eek:

I mean don’t you just love farting while in bed with your girlfriend?
It’s so funny when you cover her head with the blankets and let her “take a big breath”…hohohho

I think we have a new member of The One-Trick Pony Club!

This thread is not ready.

Soon to be ex.

Soon to tell all her girlfriends to tell all their girlfriends to tell all their girlfriends what you find funny when in a relationship. For your sake, I hope she doesn’t have a lot of friends.

Oh, and welcome to the Straight Dope, fighting farting and ignorance averuwhere since 1973.


Oh, man. rdelavega , you kill me!


What do you do to her when you’re angry? No, don’t answer that. I don’t want to know.

I do believe the scientific term for that is Dutch Oven.

Oh, sure, blame those cute li’l clog people. Bastid.

Now really; such an unrefined technique.

The proper method is to draw the covers tightly around your neck so that nothing can escape, then let out a large one silently, after this, point at the headboard and shout “Aaaah! Spider!”; the female partner will invariably dive under the covers and discover the surprise you have prepared.
Always make sure your genitals are sufficiently protected.




Man! you wanna know my litle secret??

I have a hard time believing that the Dutch would actually participate in the “activity” known as the Dutch Oven. They wear wooden shoes; it would be extremely unsafe for the man.

What is it with you and those words? I swear I saw you post the exact same thing in some other thread, I forget which. Not that I mind your posting the same thing multiple times (I don’t), but call me an inquiring mind who wishes to know.

Oh, and while I’m on the topic (sort of), what is it with SPOOFE and his posts of “Underpants!” I’ve seen it at least twice… maybe he has something for them that I don’t know about! :eek:

And as for the topic of Dutch Ovens, I’m going to assume your girlfriend already knows that to escape your devious pranks and tricks, all she has to do is get out of the relationship!

[sub]Mental note…SPOOFE likes underpants…[/sub]

SPOOFE also likes toothpaste.

Ask him about it sometime.

[sub]Derleth, spreading embarrassing in-jokes with a big fat :D.[/sub]

I’m trying to start a new stock response to gibberish. Sort of like the Og jokes.

About Dutch Ovens:

You should do what a guy I know at work did to his wife. He spit a loogie into the air so it would come down on her, she pulled the sheets over herself. Then he let her have it and held the sheets over her head. Charming.