Just closed a gap in my geek cred: I watched Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

I’ve been meaning to watch it forever but kept forgetting. Then I was picking over the bones of my local Borders Books with the rest of the vultures and found it on Blu-Ray, so I picked it up.

WOW. I could NOT believe how awesome it was. Funny, great tunes, spot-on casting, pathos, and a third-act development I was NOT expecting:

I was shocked when Penny died.

I heard someone say in a making-of featurette that in that moment, you see a switch thrown inside Dr. Horrible… but it wasn’t turned ON, it was turned OFF. Well said.

Listen to the audio commentary. It’s its own musical and is funny, too.

It’s amazing what creative people can do when they aren’t saddled with suits and networks and studios to satisfy.

According to Nathan Fillion

his dick actually looks like a hammer. A great big hammer.

I caught it on netflix last summer, and thought it was fantastic. I clicked on it by accident and was in enough pain that I didn’t want to gimp over to my desktop to go back for what I did want to watch, and mrAru had already left the room - and am very glad I didnt.

I was shocked by the thing in your spoiler, too. And I can’t figure out why. It’s a Joss Whedon film! I should have been expecting that from the first frame! But the fucker blindsides me every. Single. Time.

Did you check out Commentary! The Musical? Also well worth your time.

Some of the easter eggs on the DVD are worth searching out too (I love the “gag reel”, particularly NPH’s finger tricks). Don’t bother following Whedon’s long trail of breadcrumbs to find them, though - just look up the list on the internet like sensible people do.

Oh, and the ELE application videos contain some moments of sheer genius, including the one from Lord Viscount Genghis Napoleon Stabbington III, who waited to kill his own father until “the moment when he would least expect it — his death bed.”

Tur Mohel was my favorite. And I’m not even Jewish!

I didn’t care for it at all, though I liked Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion’s performances. I also don’t get the appeal of Felicia Day.

It’s the only Joss Whedon production I don’t like.

Chiming in to drive-by brag that I got to meet Felicia Day last weekend at the Chicago Comic Con and she was super sweet and adorable.

The musical reading of Bad Horse’s letters pretty much makes the whole thing for me.

I mean, as a whole it was a little obvious, but that was part of the fun.

Strangely appropriate match between name and post here. Do you also dislike happiness, sunshine and puppies? Because I’m reasonably confident that these are Ms. Day’s principal constituent parts.

Loved it, even bought the soundtrack and have that and the film on my iPhone. And I’m not even a huge Whedon fangirl; I liked this and Firefly.

Me too! Dr. Horrible and a few episodes of Babylon 5 and Firefly live on my phone.

It was entertaining and the music was pretty good, but it was too short for me to really become emotionally invested in the characters. Felicia Day is smoking hot, though.

I remember the shell shock from when I discovered that Douglas Adams The HitchHiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was pretty much mainstream, not the obscure geeky thing I thought it was. I felt the same way, although not as strongly because it wasn’t my first time, when Dr Horrible won the Emmy for Most Incomprehensible Category.

As a special bonus for you Felicia Day fans, check out her own webseries The Guild. This is some seriously geeky stuff here, but it’s funnier to players of Massively Multiplayer Online Games, and those who tolerate them.


Yes, I did, and I loved it – especially “Ten Dollar Solo” and Felecia Day’s relentless pimping of “The Guild” ("…we also have t-shirts…")

I occasionally tell people that I don’t discuss my process to this day.

Or Nate Fillion’s “Better Than Neil”:

Look at his smallness
Compared to my tallness
My porcelain dollness
My port in a squallness
My Kids in the Hall-ness
My Pink Floyd’s The Wall-ness
My three parts of Gaulness
My just all-in-allness

“Joss, where do your ideas come from?”
“They come from pain.”
“Let’s not talk to Joss. He’s depressing and creepy.”

Pssst… knocking on suits is officially no longer cool.