Just insult me some more, you pansy!

Well, i wouldnt have wanted to see (what movie? I guess i’m glad I can’t remember) that movie, but upon hearing the ad, wherein the old guy yells to the camera “just see the movie, you pansy!” I have resolved to actively avoid seeing the movie at all costs.

Yes, I know its a reference to his line in the movie, but I still find it insulting.

I’ve gotten more worked up over trying to find a urinal with a blue urinal cake in it :confused:

The lengths people will go to just to utter the words “yellow and blue make green.”

::Ender politely raises his hand to ask the stunningly obvious question::

So, if you can’t remember what movie you don’t want to see, how will you know which movie to stay away from?

*Come on, ya pansy!

Victory is mine!
We thank Thee, Lord, that in thy mercy…*

Anyone ever hear of a movie called Beer Drinker’s Guide to Fitness and Filmmaking? The “director” (who I’ve been told was a complete tool) couldn’t get backing for this piece of shit, so he ran his finances into the ground producing it himself, hoping he’d be able to recoup what he’d spent. Unfortunately, that doesn’t often work: for every Clerks or Hollywood Shuffle, there’s at least twenty of these dogs sitting in someone’s freezer while they try to find a distributor. Hell, I’ve worked on some of them.

Anyway, the point is, he also made a trailer, to be shown in advance of the few screenings he also had to buy time in, and got his son to look into the camera all doe-eyed and say, “Daddy says if you don’t go to see this film, we’ll starve.” Awwww…doesn’t that just touch your fuzzy ol’ heart? Hey, dad, here’s a suggestion: Feed the kid first, then make your stupid movie. Don’t count on me to make up for your total lack of responsibility.

The film is Anger Management. It stars Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson as, apparently, the devil (again). More than enough reason to avoid it even without the “pansy” line.