Just pretend this thread has a question you always wanted to answer...

When I was very young I thought about this and came up with a very convincing answer.

Now that I’m older it doesn’t seem as clear.

And what was that answer? And / or what were you thinking about?

The green one. And make sure you strap the penguin down securely, or the jack handle is gonna kick back at you.

It’s actually the mako.

Ten moves. Starting with Nxb7+.

Yes, yes I will. And your freind, too.

Eleven and a half, actually. A good guess, though.

Two. But only the crispy ones.

I do know how to spell “friend” correctly, you had me distracted… if you keep doing that I’ll never get anything done…

3.14159265–ah, hell, just round it to 3.1 and it’ll come out the same.

Blue, IIRC. But I’m not really sure. May have been red. No, definitley blue. You know, now that I think about it, it may have been red. Sort of that reddish blue you sometimes see. Not very often, but sometimes. Well, maybe it was more a bluish red than a reddish blue, but it was definietly a mix of those two colors. Sort of a purple, I guess, or maybe indigo. But then again, maybe it wasn’t…I don’t know, maybe it was green. Does that sound right? Ring any bells? Okay, go with red then. Or seven.

Of course I love you.

A new ribosome complex attaches at the spacer sequence, after the leader sequence.

You have to keep your arms straight, legs apart, and aim for a point three meters in front of you.


You know before I knew that, my right arm always got sore when I did it.

And that’s how we know the earth to be banana-shaped.

The problem reduces to division in base -2.

Of course I’ll respect you in the morning. :smiley:

I did not have sex with that woman.