Just watched last season of Huff-- Holy Crap! (open spoilers)

Everybody’s talking about HBO’s shows but Showtime has got two of my favorite shows-- Weeds and Huff.

This Sunday I watched all of last season On Demand and by the end I was a blubbering emotional mess. But, just like with Weeds, I feel like I’m the only one watching.

Byrd-- Is he showing signs of schizophrenia or is it normal to tie a boy up in your grandmother’s house and beat the shit out of him?

Russell-- Finally really fired? I think so. His boss didn’t even know about the dead, overdosed prostitute in his living room. But even after all of that, I cheered when he ran to be there for his son’s birth. I was hoping it would be a girl.

Teddy-- Oh My God! My daughter looked at me and asked, “Do you think she’ll go back to him?” “If she does, she needs a room right next to him!”
The best line of any show on TV has got to be Huff’s imaginary Russian friend: Just because your wife has a dinner party and doesn’t invite you, it’s not an excuse to drink squid secretions and have intercourse with a Korean.

Do they ever show Hank Azaria without his shirt on? His chestiness in **Along Came Polly ** doesn’t match his face and I wondered if it was some sort of prosthetic chest?

Hope you enjoyed it, and aren’t expecting answers to you’re questions, because it ain’t coming back .

For me, the second season was a long, not-so-slow decline from the first. I found the characters all got less and less likeable as the season went on. And I felt they never really developed a lot of things they seemed to set up. The story line about Huff’s father just kind of went away, as did Russell’s crack-house trip/mugging and Byrd’s kidnap and torture party.

The exception was Andy Comeau. His portrayal of Teddy was one of the best things on television this year. Sad that he didn’t get an Emmy nod. The next-to-last sequence, with Teddy and his Mom, was incredible.

Weeds is returning, though. Yea! I just hope they change the f$%#ing theme song.


Well thwartme has effectively ruined my day. Of course, I was one of only about 10 people watching the show from the beginning, but I liked it better than nearly anything on TV (only Deadwood is probably better for me). Oliver Platt is a genius.

Sorry about that… don’t blame me, blame Showtime.


:frowning: Cancelled?!? Those bastards. I love, love, love this show…Teddy’s character was extremely well written. With Huff’s imaginery friend, I kept waiting for him to wonder if maybe he has schizophrenia as well–just under better control.

Dammit, what’s the point of watching if they are just going to yank the good shows away.

How can they do this to me? Is it because I watched it On Demand and not when it was on? I’m sorry! I’ll never do that again!

I didn’t realize until the second season that the homeless Hungarian was imaginary. And I was really annoyed that the second season ended with so many unfinished storylines.

Like when the kid Byrd beat up was unconscious, Byrd and the other guy were freaking out, but then Byrd seemed calm when his grandmother returned and there was apparently no evidence remaining. So what happened to the kid? And what was up with his rant in the final episode that he’d done nothing wrong (except, I suppose, for assault and battery, breaking and entering, etc.)?

I’d like them to at least fund a two-hour wrap up showing the end to all the stories, but that seems unlikely.

You’ve got to add the adolescent under-the-breath “that you know of” after the “I didn’t do anything” part.

Like my daughter said, “If everybody starts smacking you around all of a sudden, maybe you should consider that you may have ‘done something’.”

Did Teddy’s girlfriend die? I mean, they did show her shuddering but her eyes were so fixed and glazed. . .

Arrrgghhhhh! How could they have cancelled it?