"Weeds" wamp-up. Weee!

It seems like FOREVER ago that the season 2 finale aired.

I don’t actually watch TV, but rather get my small screen fixes via iTunes, so I apologize if some of this information is not new or interesting to those of you who have been bombarded by ads.

It looks like Matthew Modine has joined the cast, though IMDB is no help in determining if he is a transient guest-star or in it for the long haul. They don’t even show him and the show as connected at all, save for some of the photos on his front page. shrug

Also joining the cast as a “good Christian girl with a twist” is Mary-Kate Olsen. Who knew?

There are a couple of previews on Showtime’s website, but nothing nearly chewy enough to assuage my munchies-like craving for more of the show.

Mrs. WeHaveCookies and I bought the box set for Season 1 while traveling for 10 weeks last summer. It bounced around the car during our trip and we finally decided to watch the first episode sometime in the fall.

As could be expected, I completely inhaled the first season in about a week, and then eagerly downloaded each Season 2 episode as they became available.

Some early reviews and other stuff…

San Francisco Chronicle

New York Post

Motley Fool

Ok, ok…

I’m sorry for the awful wordplay in the title.

I know there are other fans out there in the teeming millions. Why do you like the show? Do you think it is “risky”? Do you find it at all socially interesting that Showtime/CBS has shows involving “immoral” and “illegal” vices, such as pot and homosexuality? (Weeds, The L Word)

I’m artistically and socially interested in the show, as well as being interested in how it is being digested by others.

It does seem a long time since season 2 ended. Didn’t it end with a cliffhanger? I vaguely remember one of the kids running away with the brother’s crazy wife, and (?) somebody either being arrested or held at gunpoint.

I like it for the look. It’s gorgeous. I like the actors. I like watching adults try to explain their hypocrisy/illegal behavior to their kids. Seems like we’re seeing a lot of that on TV over the last few years.

I don’t remember enough about the season finale to try and summarize it, but the SF Chronicle article does a good job of reviewing it.

I like it visually as well. And I love the theme song performed by different artists at each episode. Being from Humboldt, the show resonates with many areas of my sense of humor that I usually have to go home to indulge in. I find that quite fun.

We’re getting the second series here right now.
The humour is great and the acting is spot on.
I’d have watched the first couple of episodes (season 1) for Mary Louise Parker alone, then Justin Kirk showed up as well!
Whee, good show with added bonus Angels in America flashbacks!
To add sharp writing, gorgeous cinematography and ambiguous morality (I love me some ambiguous morality) just meant that this is one of the few shows I turn off the computer and pour a glass of wine before watching.

Just out of curiosity, mag, what network is carrying the show in NZ?

Sundays 9.30pm on Prime, which (I think) is the free-to-air subsidiary or our SKY Network (Digital pay per view)

Some spend their Sundays in church, I spend mine in anticipation!

For those not in the know, the first 4 episodes of Season 3 were leaked.

I just watched the season finale of season 2 and here are some of the highlights:

Nancy’s husband bugs her cell phone and hears her telling Conrad that she doesn’t love him but she can string him along for another week or so until they sell their crop. The husband then tells Nancy that she has to give him all the money from the sale or he is going to arrest everyone. Conrad tells Heylia all of this and so Heylia makes a deal with the Armenians that they can have all the money from the sale if they get rid of the husband. So the big climax of the show is when Nancy and Conrad show up at the grow house to sell the pot but the buyers decide to rob them instead. The Armenians kill the husband and then they come into the grow house to take the money from the sale. Everyone has guns except Conrad and Nancy. So then the Armenians say that they can just take the pot and when they open the safe, all the pot is gone. Cut to Silas talking on the phone to Nancy and closing the lid of his trunk which is full of pot. Then the cops pull up with Celia because she wants Silas arrested for stealing all of the security equipment in the neighborhood.

chuckling Ah yes. I should really watch it again.

Saw the first 4 episodes of season 3 last week (pre-air screeners), and they were good. Very good.

Anyone else watching? The first episode of season 3 has legally aired on Showtime :). At the end of the last season, (extra cautious spoiler boxes, no specific plot elements…) it seemed like there was really no way out of the individual messes they had all gotten themselves into but the first episode made it seem like things could turn out okay, but at the same time, by the end of the episode they were all even worse off
And, for anyone who’s watched the second episode also, (kinda actual spoilers)I love the tension between Heylia and Nancy…I’m intrigued by the frequent appearance of the of “wimpy white girl in way over her head” theme … Also, are things really so bad for them? Nancy does have an awfully big, nice house that she can sell. Weren’t they going to move to Pittsburgh at the end of last season anyway? (although of course, their residence in Agrestic is an integral part of the show) … And maybe Andy will actually grow up and help the family for once…
And to answer Cookies’ question in the OP (Part II), I like it for its sharp humor combined with impending sense of doom. It makes me think: “oh come on, everything’s going to turn out okay, it’s a comedy! But wait, the whole family hates each other and things are getting progressively more fucked up in each of the characters’ lives. Maybe things aren’t going to be okay? But it’s a comedy… hm…!” (yes, that is how I think.) It’s the same thing I like about Six Feet Under, in a much smaller and slapstick-ier dose. Plus it’s about WEED, man!

Crap…I think it is programmed on my DVR, but when does the new season begin?

I have to admit, it took me awhile to warm up to the show, but now I love it and don’t want to miss the new season!!

I believe the first episode was aired on Sunday, but it appears from the Showtime website that it will be aired over (and over, and over) again this week. It’s on at 10 and 10:30 Eastern tonight, 9:35 tomorrow, 9 Friday… here is Showtime’s scheduling page so you can find an airing convenient to you! :slight_smile:

So am I the only one who saw all the first season and the first episode of season 2.

I laughed, I cried-- I cried while I laughed. Plus, the music is freaking great on this show.

Except for that godawful theme song.


By this I mean the first two seasons and the first episode of season 3. That first attempt was just the Chronic talking.

I like the theme song :frowning:

To each his own. Or, whaaaaa?

By the way, am I the only one who’s liking of Nancy has dropped dramatically since the beginning of this show. She’s the world’s worst mother. Her children are out of control and heading for trouble and all she can do is stare like a dear caught headlights.
So— what did ya’ll think of the season opener?
Oh, I read your spoilers, shimmery and I knew that particular person would come around sooner or later. I can’t wait to see the episode.