Just When You Thought Cars COULDN'T Get Any Uglier!

The carmakers unveil their latest at the 37th Tokyo Motor Show. Some of them aren’t that bad (the Honda HSC looks pretty good), but others (the Jeep Treo looks like a giant bug) are positively hideous.

It’s interesting to note that the Daihatsu UFE-II has finally matched the Dymaxion car’s low drag co-efficent (however, unlike the Dymaxion, it only seats 4, whereas Bucky’s Dymaxion seated 11.

What the hell is the Toyota PM?

Even I would not drive that thing.

Somebody has been watching too much sci-fi.

that Subaru B9 Scrambler is awesome

I’m just waiting for someone to come out with one where the entire body is that ugly matte plastic crap, as seen on the Honda Element.

Actually, I like the Toyota PM. If available I would definitely get one.

The Terrace makes me think of Barbie’s Dream Van if it were pink instead of Lime Green

Dude, it’s a giant cell phone in a wheeled charging stand.

It’s all I would need. I would take it over any car currently on the market. It’s unique and different. With cars getting bigger and looking identical from one another, it’s nice to see something buck that trend.

So why not drive a Segway? **

No, there’s plenty of ugly cars out there.

The Subaru B9 gives me kinda feel for a Studebaker Hawk, and also that of a Tucker.

The Subari B9 is sweet, but the Mitsubishi Se-ro looks like a cast-iron bathtub on wheels.

Honda’s Kiwami and Imas are also pretty cool looking.

The Mainichi Daily News also has a bunch of photos (scroll down to their “Photo Special” section). Of course, being the Mainichi, the article’s titled “Auto Erotic” :rolleyes:. Don’t worry, all the pics are safe for work.

I like that Jeep thingy. I want one.

No thanks, I’ll keep my bicycle.