Justice for murdered nine-year-old Arizona girl?

No, not that one. This one, who was killed in her own home, alongside her father, on May 30, 2009.

I can’t fully articulate my horror and grief and anger at this.

The event did not seem to receive quite the media attention I’d have expected. Perhaps if it had, we could have been talking more and earlier about poisonous and violent rhetoric.

The one SDMB thread I found on the matter was largely derailed by jokes resulting from the OP’s unfortunate choice of the word “witch” to describe the alleged mastermind of the murderous home invasion, Shawna Forde, of “border-protection group, the Minutemen American Defense.”

Anyway, here is the current news item, about the trial finally beginning.

With this thread, the girl’s spirit fill finally be at peace.

Well, it’s awful, I’ll agree with you there.

These fuckheads have some interesting scales of justice: murder and armed robbery is justified since is funding anti-immigration groups?

Where the fuck do these people come from?


Wow! You’re right. No immigrants ever get murdered except by Arizonians!

Why didn’t I think of that before? :smack:

And not to excuse what this doucebag did (aside from the girl and her father being killed, the thing that pisses me off most about the OP is the word “could” with regard to the killer getting the death penalty. It ought to be automatic), but why do you think anti-immigrant sentiment is so strong in Arizona?

Could it possibly be because Arizona is bearing the brunt of the violence and crime associated with the U.S.'s refusal to do anything of significance to halt illegal immigration?

I’m getting really tired of the Arizona-bashing that goes on around here. Arizona is the victim of its own govenment’s refusal to abide by its constitutional obligation to defend its borders and protect its citizens.

So yeah, when that happens, people are gonna get pissed off and try to solve the problem themselves. Unfortunately, some seek solutions for which they ought to be - rather than could be - killed.

I don’t think you will find many apologists for violent and racist language regarding immigrants on this message board. I agree that those using epithets or violent rhetoric against them should tone it way the heck down.

And I do so for purely selfish reasons. I do not want illegal immigrants in my country. However, when you encourage a culture of violence and exclusion, you never know who is going to be the next target.

So Fox News can be blamed for this one?

yeah, real brunt.

maybe if these redneck fuckwits didn’t possess the IQ of a tadpole, and consequently enact such just laws as their recent “driving while brown” statute, I would have some sympathy.

because, after all, only violent psychos illegally immigrate. no one wanting a better life for themselves, oh no.

I want a better life for myself too. Hmm…I think I’ll rob a bank.

Oh, wait…that’s against the law too. Maybe I better not.

Point number one. They’re breaking the law! The motive doesn’t matter…to most people.

Point number two: If they want a better life, let them immigrate legally like my next door neighbor did. (And she doesn’t want them getting away with that shit either.)

Point number three: Wherever there’s illegal activity, there’s lots of crime. They go hand in hand. So yeah, Arizona, bearing the brunt of illegal immigration, is also bearing the brunt of its associated crime.

And I’m getting really tired of hearing this “driving while brown” bullshit. If being brown was the offense, “brown people” wouldn’t be free to go on their way once they’ve demonstrated they were here legitimately, would they? This should be obvious to a two year old.

Tell ya what - take your happy white ass up to Canada and try to immigrate there without permission. Or fly to Europe and try it with France. Or Spain. Or Germany. Or just about any country in the world. Countries simply do not allow unfettered immigration. Why can’t people like you seem to wrap your heads around that?

I’m glad that Starving Artist is here, in this thread about the brutal, cold-blooded murder of a nine year old girl, to remind us of the real injustice that’s going on here.

Funny, I’ve somehow always thought you were more honest than that. What I’m doing is arguing against the bias frequenly expressed around here toward Arizona.

The person being tried in this case is, in fact, from Arizona.

You’re a fine one to be complaining about bias.

So every time someone kills an immigrant, it’s a condemnation of the state they’re from? What if you’re from one state and you kill an immigrant in another state? Is that the fault of the state you’re from or the one you’re in? And which state is to blame if an immigrant kills an American? The state the American is from, or the one he’s in when he’s murdered? And what about when an immigrant kills another immigrant? How do we come up with a someone/state to blame then?

You guys are priceless. You champion activity that is not only illegal to begin with but brings along with it all sorts of other crimes, and then when that flaunting of the law and its associated crime very understandably causes fear and resentment in the local populace, you blame the populace for their fear and resentment and attribute it all to racism.

People like you remind bring back memories of my childhood. Except then I thought that Bizzaro World existed only in the comics.

ETA: I apologize to the OP for my part in derailing the thread. I meant originally only to counter the swipe against Arizona and things just took off from there. I’ll back out now. And I’ll reiterate that the murderer of Flores and his little girl absolutely deserves the death penalty.

SA: What part of the constitution says we have to keep Mexicans out?

Won’t someone think of the poor people that are forced to live next door to brown folks?

“Give me your tired, your poor,your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

Starving Artist, you’re a jackass. You come in a thread about a girl who was brutally murdered while begging for her life in terror, then either defend the anti-immigration group that murdered her, or go into a completely unrelated rant about immigration.

Either you’re a bigot, or senile. So if the former fuck you, and fuck the whore that bore you, may her cunt be punch so hard it bleeds for inflicting you on us.

If the latter I apologize, you can’t help getting older.

How dare he come into a sacred SDMB pit thread that is reserved for using a murder to support liberal ideas!!! How dare he!!!

Starving Artist is right on both counts… the fucking murderer should be removed from society permanently and rapidly.

…and illegals shouldn’t be in the country illegally.

Nope. Sorry. I said the assholes behind the deaths of that little girl and her father deserved to be offed with no “could” about it. If I had my way they’d die in ways considerably worse than being put to sleep like a beloved family pet.

And then I defended the people of Arizona. Now, to you that may be the anti-immigration group that murdered them, but to people with their wits still about them the idea is ridiculous.

I haven’t derailed this thread. The posters blaming Arizona derailed it. My entire participation in this thread has been limited to addressing biased comments made by other posters or false accusations made toward me or about what I said. If you want to rail about the thread having been derailed, I suggest you go talk to them.

I may or may not be senile, but I’m one of the least biased people in this thread.

If she’d known you better she’d have had triplets.

Why, thank you. Mom and I both feel so much better now.

“…through which you may enter lawfully in the hopes that you shall become a law-abiding, tax-paying citizen of this fine and bountiful land. However, I shall not provide you with shovels with which to dig tunnels beneath my borders, nor snips to cut my fences, in order that you may shun my lawfully welcoming door and the laws of my land.”

[finished by yours truly]

And on preview, thanks, What the … !!!

Just what the fuck does immigration have to do with this child’s murder? Oh right it was an Arizona hate group that did her in.

Maybe if they hadn’t dialed up the hate rhetoric so much she’d still be alive. Preach hate, and fear and as a result your followers do hateful extreme things, who knew?