Justice League Unlimited episode 105: Too funny!

Forget the goofy set up. Forget the convoluted plot points, the out of left field backstory of an implied Batman and guest star Zatanna failed romance, the weird Hades subplot, the nonsensical walk-on appearances by a slacker-sounding Bwana Beast, Red Tornado, Elongated Man, and the Crimson Avenger. None of it made sense, and was all minor eye candy and misdirection.

The whole point of the episode is that to free Wonder Woman fromthe evil Circe’s spell, which transformed her into a porcine princess, Batman makes an unholy pact with the goddess…

Yes. Batman sings.

Who’d have thought something so profoundly silly turned out to be… well, good? And kind of sweet and touching?

Episode’s Funniest line: “Insolent trickster! You dare to strike… OW! You DARE to stri–AOW!-- You dare to-- Ow-ow! … Quit it! (pause) Oh, no…”

Episode’s Most Enlightening moment: the correct pronounciation of “Hippolyta.”

Wonder Woman

a pig!!

:mad: :mad: :mad:

But the real question is…
Where can I find a recording of that song? :wink:

Was tempted to start a thread on this episode, myself. The Zatanna/Bats romance is not out of left field, it comes from the Batman Animated Series.

And the ‘Hades’ subplot was an excuse to show Laraine Newman brilliantly playing up the Medusa role in a distinctly Xena-like mix of modern sensibilities and ancient mythology.

Didn’t care for Bwana Beast’s voice, that’s true. I liked the other cameos, though.

CandidGamera. I must’ve missed that Batman: TAS episode. It rings no bells, but I can see how that’s a nice bit of backstory continuity, so I recant my accusation that it was out of left field.

Medusa was Classic SNL’s Lorraine Newman? Get! Out!

Atreal. I think that was a song written especially for this episode. I fileshare all my Justice League Unlimited.avis, and I’ve played that scene on my WinAmp player several times. It grows on you.


Who was that character who took Bats to the underworld. She looked like a character from Lil’ Abner! Beautifying America!

:smiley: :eek:

Nope, “Am I Blue” dates back to the 1920s or '30s, at least. Billie Holliday recorded it, among many others.

Great episode though.

Batman was pretty good, up on that stage. Clearly he wasn’t just any amateur. Which makes me wonder: do you suppose he spends a lot of time singing when nobody is around? Or did he at some point learn how to sing one song really well… just in case he ever needed to sing to solve a case?

That’s the thing about Batman. He’s good at everything. I heard the real reason they did this episode is that Kevin Conroy sings very well and they always wanted a chance to show that off, but they wanted to stop short of Batman: The Musical.

That was the personification of Justice. Thats why she was blindfolded. Justice is blind.

Somehow, I just get a kick out of the fact that the Red Tornado’s first animated speaking role in 60-odd years (that I know of) was him walking down a lonely street, calling “Sooo-ieee…”