Kaiser Chiefs?

Anyone know anything about this band?

A friend of mine is going to see them tomorrow and invited me along, but she was pretty vague on what they were about and the club they’re playing at is fairly expensive. So I’d like to know more about them.

Any opinions on their sound? Any comparisons to other bands? Any dopers heard of them at all? Any sites where I can hear some of their music? (legally, of course.)

I will google but I like getting opinions from the Dope.

They were iTunes’ “free download of the week” a few weeks ago, so they probably have their album available… you can listen to 30 sec samples for free.

I like them. They have a retro 80’s sound. You can hear Clash, Devo, the Jam etc influences. If you like Franz Ferdinand, you’ll probably like Kaiser Chiefs.

I agree with Amethyst. They have a retro 80’s rock sound. Here is where I downloaded their first single “I Predict a Riot” from; it gives you an idea of their sound.

They’re supposed to be amazing live. I saw them on Jools Holland a few weeks ago and they were pretty good.

Go on AOL. As far as I know, AOL still has the Live 8 performance from Philly up on the website. You should be able to get at least two or three songs by the Kaiser Chiefs there.

I missed them in LA by a couple of weeks. They really are supposed to be great live.

Oh My God is a great song…Any song with this lyric “Knock me down I get right back up again- Come back stronger than a powered up Pac-Man.” is aces in my book.

I want to make a zombie movie some day just so I can use I Predict a Riot in it. It’s the perfect song.

Yup, sounds like Oingo Boingo, updated.

Yes, they freaking rock. You should go.
Okay, for actually helpful information, check their UK website - I think it lets you stream samples of their current record. (The US website, is, as near as I can tell, utter shite.)

Thanks for all the replies. Alas, the show appears to be sold out. Maybe next time.