keeping a girlfriend when asked tough questions

Hi, I’m planning on auditioning for beauty and the geek but I have a girlfriend (in the past there has been at least one guy on the show who had a girlfriend).
Anyway in looks my girlfriend is maybe a 5. (mostly because of her big belly though I haven’t told her that) What if I got on the show and someone asked me if they’re prettier than my girlfriend? Should I agree or say something else?

Er, I’m kind of surprised as to why you still have a girlfriend.

I don’t understand it either. BTW she is the first girl I ever went on a date with - at the age of 29… but back to the question…

Well, I mean, the fact that you only rate her a 5 except for her big belly and you’re assuming you’ll see hotter girls. If I were your girlfriend, I’d dump you the minute I read this post.

Answer: “That’s impossible for me to answer. I know my girlfriend so well. When I see her, or think of her, I see this whole person, the person she is inside and out. From what I know of you, you seem like a lovely person, you’re certainly beautiful on the outside. But I can only see part of you. So far, anyway…”

Good luck. You’ll need it. You’re a rookie zooming straight to the big game in the majors.

Is the show a sitcom or a reality show? Do the two of you go on as contestants? Is it something like that show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy? Does your girlfriend know you’re trying out?

If it’s a good relationship, I’d say the best source of answers will be to ask her. Don’t put her on the spot, but figure out what she’ll be comfortable with and have fun. If she’s going to be compared to models (what it sounds like from your question), she’s probably aware that she’s not as objectively pretty, but you’ve got her back in the subjective department. (That’s a bit hard to describe … if you can track down the Cheers episode where Coach’s daughter is about to marry an oaf (I think the daughter is Miss DePesto), catch the end scenes.)

Freudian Slit:
I plan on doing whatever it takes to make sure she never sees this thread…

The internet is a wonderful thing:

Coach’s Daughter Part V

Compare Coach’s and Roy’s answers.

I’d apply to be one of the geeks on the show. She isn’t pretty enough to be one of the beauties.

Thanks for the suggestion.
BTW I told my girlfriend yesterday that I don’t think I’ll fall in love with anyone ever… I used to get obsessed with some girls and they didn’t work out at all.

“Winston, if I were your wife, I’d put poison in your coffee.” “Nancy,” Churchill replied, “if I were your husband, I’d drink it.”

Are you seriously suggesting that a man cannot (or should not) be in love with a woman who he finds physically unattractive? Isn’t that a bit misogynist?

If this is not what you are suggesting, why do you think the OP’s girlfriend should dump him upon reading that “in looks my girlfriend is maybe a 5”?

BTW I find her quite attractive… about as attractive as most girls. But some are a lot more attractive.

btw, about the Cheers video I got teary at just before 4 mins in.

Then at just about 5 mins I started worrying about how I’m a bit like Roy.

I just wouldn’t want someone to reduce me to just a 5, that’s all. I don’t know, maybe I’m just insecure, but I’d want to be with someone who finds me totally gorgeous, who isn’t just settling on me.

I’m unfamiliar with the show, but I think your best bet is to know what you’d be in for, let her know what you’d be in for, and ask her what she thinks of the idea.

Heh… I did too. And I kind of think that Roy couldn’t have wondered if he was Roy, so that’s a plus.

Polls belong in IMHO.

Off you go.

Well I said to her that I’d refuse to kiss any of the girls and I’d also tell them when ever I can that I have a girlfriend…

She often tells me she finds me gorgeous… also in some books (e.g. “the five love languages”) they say that according to studies the “in love” feeling only lasts about 2 years…
BTW, girls that I’ve been really attracted to haven’t liked me back and I never liked girls who liked me (well if I did they’d lose attraction by the time I started to take action)

That’s infatuation, not actual love. Your job as a couple is to work out a deep, meaningful love relationship during that whole “whee, fireworks!” time period - or to figure out that you aren’t good together.